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He then worked in the botanical gardens in Bonn and Berlin InPlanchon named the species Cestrum regeli Potato family after him, Robert Lynch in a subsection of Iris [6] Publications[ edit ] Regel was an extremely prolific scientist and author.

Regel died in St.

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In Regel moved to St. It was easy, my dear Watson.

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During this time he also worked as a lecturer of science. Its the usual story, where a distracted and apathetic mother who greatly regretted her pregnancy takes the regret our on the product of that pregnancy; in this instance, chronic thinker. ChronicThinker 1d glenns My mom did actually want me and loved me for a time.

He was a founder and vice-president of the Russian Gardening Society and a number of academic journals. The resentment came from her own past issues, alcoholism and three other shitty kids and unhappy marriage after the other.

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Petersburg in and was buried at the Smolenskoe Lutheran Cemetery. In addition to writing a number of major reference works in botany, he published articles in academic journals. It's the only safe look.

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This observed behavior of her parents served as a short of 'training ground' for how CT was to act towards men after the initial adolescent puppy-love phase dating daisy regel 116 off. The standard author abbreviation Regel is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.

If you've noticed my disdain for overly emotional people, that came from her, as she was overly emotional. Schauer named the genus Regelia in honor of Regel. From until his death he served as the director of the Imperial Botanical Garden.

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ChronicThinker 1d glenns I think it's interesting you have a whole psychological profile on me, but don't strive to be like my mom. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

While there, he oversaw the creation of some of the gardens e. If her father was involved in CT's upbringing, then he would have been a strict glenns 1d The third post should be swapped with the second post if you want this to make any sense In other words, CT's mom was oftentimes col byd toward her dad, if there even was one present.

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We're quite different, actually. In he founded the magazine Gartenflora Garden Florain which he described many new species. While I used to have a hard time with relationships, I'm now happily engaged, and our relationship is very healthy.

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It's a known fact that chronic thinker was the subject of child abuse; the source of which was from her mother. Due to a mother who received immense gratification from endlessly nagging at her daughter, I have no doubt that CT looks as much a guy as she does a girl, especially with dress.

ChronicThinker 1d glenns Eventually, she did seem to regret being a mom - eventually deciding because she birthed me I owed her everything from money to support.

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Of course a psychological dysfunction of this caliber necessitates that the third party father be involved in the dysfunction, and glenns 1d disciplinarian, sharply disagreeing with her choice of boyfriends, and strict observance of the clothes she wore--if her clothes revealed even an inch of too much bare skin, its back to the wardrobe to change!

It is a group of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae which are endemic to the southwest Australia.

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If her mother was involved, then CT started out as a typical girl, but incessant nagging and criticizing of her taste in clothes meant CT had to constantly revise her styles, until she ultimately rested on the only style that doesn't garner criticism: Then it just got worse.

History[ edit ] Regel was the son of the teacher and garrison-preacher Ludwig A. Petersburg, Russia, where he initially worked as a research director and later as senior botanist at the Imperial Botanical Garden. Plants named by him[ edit ] Regel described and named over plant species.

Volume of Curtis's Botanical Magazine is dedicated to him.