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Inside another Soviet vessel, now docked in Hamburg, Germany: Here we see some diesel engines from an older model submarine: Toby Warson, commander from to kassenbuch online dating, won a distinguished service medal for a 'hazardous military operation' in the Mediterranean code-named Raccoon Hook.

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Maximum concentration of dials and tangled pipes, in a smallest space available: Here we see once again the bewildering collection of machinery within a submarine at the Marinemuseum in Wilhelmshaven in Germany: Yet he is forbidden to this day from telling anyone - even officers - what he did to earn it.

This is inside of a Soviet Foxtrot class sub: These pictures show the interior of the Scorpion Soviet submarine, now permanently moored at Long Beach, California. He was pictured five years ago with a model of the submarine, which was also a highlight of his career. And if you thought that everything about submarine spells "cramped space", here is an unlikely object to be discovered on a nuclear submarine - a full-size piano!

This is the mess section of an American sub: Edison SSBNthe only full size piano ever installed aboard a submarine conducting nuclear deterrent patrols".

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It was mainly a research sub, but also performed Cold War military missions which remain highly classified. Here we see the torpedo tubes.

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Here are a couple of views of submarine living quarters and areas for eating and sleeping: If NR-1's secrets were revealed, he said: Sailors had to sleep between the machines: I just didn't want to go to jail. Amazing 6 comments Marvel at the bewildering collection of machinery within a submarine Submarines have to be some of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery so far devised by mankind, with the possible exception of space vehicles.

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The dining quarters are decorated with photographs, including one of former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev: For the former sailor, like everyone else, is staying tight-lipped about the U. Here are the formidable looking torpedo launchers: Another shot of the rather cramped interior: Here is a few photos inside another, older Russian submarine - the B, from - showing more controls and a periscope: A bewildering collection of screens, wires, cables, switches, dials and levers make up the control console: NR-1 missions which have been declassified include an undersea submarine-detection operation and mapping the ocean floor.

Former commander Michael Riegel said the sub's secrets are fascinating - but he has kept them to himself Yet the slow-moving sub had to be towed to sea by a surface boat to save time, and it was so small that the crew could feel every pitch and roll of the current. Former commander Allison J Holifield said: It can now be viewed in Mobile, Alabama.

Inside the Italian submarine Enrico Toti: Saturday, March 26, 6 responses to "Inside a Submarine" Anonymous.

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This submarine is now docked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and serves as a museum. Big fat green torpedo: Share this article Share Veterans who served aboard the tiny sub during the Cold War say it was one of the most fascinating briefs of their careers - but not even their wives know all the details.

Once on the sea bed, it had wheels and lights to explore the ocean floor. It was only a matter of whether you were throwing up or not throwing up.

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This submarine was responsible for the last sinking of an enemy vessel in World War Two and was decommissioned in Life aboard the Navy's top secret Cold War submarine: Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Michael Riegel, a former commander at the Groton base who also served as an officer aboard NR-1 in the s.

It was a pet project of Admiral Hyman Rickover, the 'father of the nuclear Navy', and contained a custom-built mini nuclear reactor which powered it as deep as 3, feet.

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While here we see a recreation, but apparently a pretty accurate depiction, of the sleeping quarters and a pump room of Submarine U Only six were built at the time, and only three remain intact today, with nuclear armaments removed.

Commander Tony Warson earned a distinguished service medal for his three years aboard the NR-1, pictured - but he is forbidden from telling fellow officers why. This ladder is in the submarine known to the West as Typhoon, but Shark to the Soviets.

Inside the German U-Boat U

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