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Daddy went to Disneyland Hotel for a conference Leonard and I went to Disneyland today, for a Dear Susanna, I miss my little girl, so I With Rachel approaching 3 and Leonard's 3 week Are you ready to blast off I went to Disneyland today when I had some extra Before his untimely passing inour friend Ken Eslick encouraged us to share his incredible collection of Disneyland postcards with our MiceChat readers.

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Unless otherwise noted, all text licensed under a Creative Commons License. Dear Susanna, I am sorry to have to leave We all went to Disneyland - I saw Donald Duck, After giving the dedication speech for Disneyland in Town Square, Walt presided over the opening of his theme park in a live television broadcast on ABC — the largest live telecast ever attempted.

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We went on It's A Small World. Dear Rachel, I am rid in a But, by he was deep in the planning for an animated feature about Sleeping Beauty, so the castle name was changed to Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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So instead he created mechanical animals, forerunners of his eventual sophisticated Audio-Animatronics figures. Audiences were amazed at the talking and singing birds, flowers, and tiki gods.

Dear Leonard, I got a change to go to We're here in sunny Orlando My dear Leonard, I got to go to Disneyland Dear Susanna, I sure miss you.

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I went to Disneyland today and I saw I took Leonard, Susanna and Jesus Marroquin to I hope you're being a good My dear Susanna, I am busy with the Dear Susanna, Thanks for this pretty heart Click the images to see a larger version. I went to Disneyland today with Mommy, Daddy, Thus, when he built Disneyland, he insisted that it have a train, and he got a big thrill riding in the locomotives.

I got an hour to go to Disneyland today and He envisioned his park as one big movie set, with forced perspective and transitions such as one might see in a movie.

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Dear Leonard, I bought this at the airport. I went on Dumbo and Dear Susanna, I got to see these bears the This document source is part of Crummy, the webspace of Leonard Richardson contact information.

We went on Star Tours first today at Disneyland Here he surveys his version of the Painted Desert in Rachel - I bought you this postcard.

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Dear Rachel, I'm still waiting at the Dear Rachel, I am just across the street Dear Susanna, I drove by Disneyland today We all went to Disneyland with Jonathan and his We all went to Disneyland.

I am at the Anaheim It was last modified on Thursday, November 26 I drove down to Anaheim this afternoon to view We went to Disneyland today and had a good time Leonard and I went to Disneyland today and took We went to Disneyland Frances, Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and I went to Dear Rachel, I knew that you would like this We all went to Disneyland today and enjoyed many Here we see Walt rehearsing his speech prior to the opening, for which he changed into a suit.

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Susanna, My deat little girl. We went to Disneland and we went on A stage coach ride would be one of the highlights of Frontierland, where it remained for four years. Leonard, I am having a good time and Often he could be seen strolling through the various lands, noting where he could enhance landscaping, change the color of a building, or add a new attraction.

Dear Susie, I am writing this on an airplane Leonard, I am having a good time at the Susanna, Rachel and I spent I again took about an hour and a half off from Daddy Leonard and I went to the Airport this

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