Funny Newlywed Game Questions for Friends, Bridal Shower, Couples Funny Newlywed Game Questions for Friends, Bridal Shower, Couples

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Who spends the most money on personal items? What is the most expensive beauty product your partner uses? Before planning the party, think about all the couples you know. What drink best describes your wife on your wedding night?

Has an ex-lover invited to the wedding? However, the game also works well as a team game with two or more couples. The roles were reversed in the second round, where the husbands were taken off the stage and the wives were asked four questions before the husbands were brought back on stage to give their answers.

The first three questions in this round are worth 10 points each, and the final question is worth 25 points. Who did your husband last date before you were married?

A meteor is headed for your house. If your spouse could be married to a movie jefferson bethke dating series who would they choose?

100 Funny Newlywed Game Questions for Friends, Bridal Shower, Couples

If the prize for winning this game were a second honeymoon to any destination, where would you go? What is the one thing that your partner cannot resist doing?

The maximum total score was 70 points achieved on rare occasions. Where would your spouse like to live if they had a choice? Couples seem to have selective memory when it comes to the actual occasion.

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Have you ever fought over finances? A correct match added the wager while an incorrect match deducted the wager.

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The couple in dating divas newlywed game lead at the end of the game still won the grand prize, but any money that the other three couples won was theirs to keep. Where will your spouse say they had the best vacation with you? Popular Newlywed Game Questions What gift that your spouse gave you came as the biggest surprise?

Have each team secretly tell you how many points out of a possible 70 they think they will get.

Friendship Newlywed Game

Gameplay[ edit ] For the first round, the wives are taken off the stage while the husbands were asked how they thought their wives would answer three questions. Which of you spends more time on the computer?

Three questions were asked this round.

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Does your spouse prefer a bikini or one-piece swimsuit? After a year of struggling ratings, Eubanks returned to host and the format was reinstated to the classic Newlywed Game format.

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If my husband went out of town on a business trip, the first thing I would do is What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day, and the best thing that happened? Round 1 Edit Each spouse was shown a videotape of their mates who gave a statement mostly about their spouse.

Not wanting the song to go to waste, Barris commissioned Milton DeLugg a few years later to arrange an instrumental version of "Summertime Guy" for use as the first theme to The Newlywed Game.

The bonus question was a betting question, for they could risk any or all of their current money total.

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Where did you go on your most recent date with your spouse? Do you believe that two people can still be madly in love, even when they get old and gray? Each match again earns 10 points.

If your mother-in-law were an animal, what animal would she be? This fun category explores how much couples know about each other and what they like and dislike. What frightens your spouse the most?

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When Paul Rodriguez took over inthe theme song was changed to the s doo wop classic " Book of Love " by the Monotonesmaking this the only theme song of the show with lyrics.

Play this friendship newlywed game at your next all girl party and prove just how well you do know them. If all the tied couples went over, the couple who had the closest guess won.

Is your car rear, front, or all-wheel drive? If your house caught on fire, what one thing would your spouse grab before leaving? Only the first person to raise the sign could win or lose. The couple with the highest score at the end of the second round won a prize that was "chosen just for you".

What percentage of the housework would your spouse say they do? How old was she when she got her first kiss? Questions range from simple questions about personalities and preferences, to personal questions about their love life.

Split the group into three or four teams of couples. A syndicated version of the show began airing in If someone told you that your spouse was an ex-convict, how would you react?

I wish my husband would stop What flavor of cake did you have at your wedding? Round 3[ edit ] In this round before the show, either the wives or the husbands gave some very weird facts about themselves. You have time to save one more item. How long date before getting married?