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Egmond made basses in the same model series. Reminiscent of the most bizarre Wandre creations, this oddity was produced very briefly in Its official price in the USSR in was rubles, including gigbag, strap, cable and a spare set of strings.

This model copied the basic Strat outline, but wreaked havoc with the hardware and electronics. It was a simple instrument featuring 2 pickups, a 4-in-line headstock, and an archtop-style floating bridge.

The most luxurious, modern Jolana bass was the Superstar, introduced late in the decade and modeled after the Peavey T Roderich Paesold is a violin manufacturer in Germany, that started with manufacturing of violin bows and strings in Early 's Futurama II. If a totally obscure and off-the-wall, but good quality archtop shows up from Eastern Europe, it was probably built by one of these numerous small string instrument manufacturers from Bohemia and Sudetenland.

The Jolana "Les Paul" had a bolt-on fret neck with a mm scale, plus other typical Jolana features such as an aluminum nut, a zero fret, the ubiquitous four-way rotary switch and the bottom strap pin that unscrewed into a handy little screwdriver.

Solid colors such as black and red were also available, though the vast majority of guitars produced were sunburst. Slightly more upscale was the Alexandra. Show some pictures of the guitar, and I will try to identify it.

Amati of Kraslice has been in the instrument-manufacturing business for over years. As far as vintage guitars go, the Czech Republic is no different today than the rest of Europe.

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At least one of these was the Cutaway I, which, as the name suggests, was an archtop with a cutaway. In those days, with most Western guitars being both unavailable and unaffordable, Musima guitars from East Germany were considered top of the line, but Jolana ran a close second.

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All three dating imec leuven - the Kolorbas, the Rubin and the Studio - were otherwise very similar.

The guitar came equipped with two oversized double-blade humbuckers called dating egmond guitars made "Sapphir", each with its own volume and tone controls.

Then Egmond begun making the guitars, under the ownership of Tolchin Instruments, with the brand name Alpha.

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Dating egmond guitars made a Jolana, there's no need to run around looking for tools. Basically, it was a very conventional ESstyle guitar with few idiosyncratic features. This "varitone" with the stand-by mode is a very common Jolana feature. They were refreshed versions of the most popular Egmond guitars, slightly different in appearance and made of modern materials and parts.

The original gig bag for these guitars is also very unusual.

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I did a good bit of research on this particular guitar and found a picture of John Lennon in his early pre-Beatles years playing a very close looking Egmond guitar, but that was a while ago and I never printed it out.

Feel free to copy, modify and recycle. The Broyer was a line of fine archtops from the early days, before the communist takeover.

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The 6-in-line headstock had a "towel bar" string retainer, as also found on the Star I and some early Japanese guitars. The Lignatone brand appears on cheap acoustics and electrics of similarly obscure origin.

Dopyera and his family emigrated from Slovakia in and settled in Los Angeles. Guitars continued to be built in Blatna untilafter which Drevokov resumed the production of furniture. Early examples have a script "Diamant" logo on a Gibson-style "open book" headstock, as well as a plain neckplate and the rotary switch.

The vibrato tailpiece, recessed into the body, was the same primitive Japanese Jazzmaster copy found on the early 's Star I, while the bridge was the standard Jolana floating type.

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Otherwise, it is necessary to simply learn the chronology of various models and their features. In Russia, this model was nicknamed "The Screwdriver" because of its shape, which resembles a more equal-sided, squared-off Vox Phantom.

Since he stocked various instruments, I can't say how long it might have been in his store. Amplifiers from the catalog corresponds to Steelphon Tiger and Steelphon Conductor.

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Soviet guitars were all original designs - and suffered for it - right up to the end. They also continue to produce accordions, which has been their main product all along. The bass version had the exact same pickups as the guitar, while the bridge, the tailpiece and the "ashtray" cover were the same as those on the Iris bass.

Look closer, and you'll find that these are actually two banks of switches! During the designer passed away and the whole project halted. The 3-piece neck is very comfortable, the oversized Tesla control pots seem to last forever, and overall this is one instance where Jolana has actually left its arch rival, Musima, far behind with their Deluxe 25 Les Paul contender.

There are a few slight dings on the edges, but there is absolutely no wear or scratches on it since no one ever played it.

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The Selmer Futurama guitar, a. Jolana's solidbody guitars of the 's were mostly part of the Star series, each new model given a new Roman numeral. The nut has two small stalks on the bottom that fit into grooves on the neck. Drevokov got a new director, a man who did not much care for music.

As it says on a warranty card, "Resonet: Russian Information about Guitar production in Czechoslovakia Czech Online collection of guitars, the collector's name is Krzysztof Wawer, who lives in Wroclaw. Featuring sound samples of Soviet guitars.

I remember it being in my mothers possession in the mid to late 60's, but I don't know if her father ordered it directly from the manufacturer, a wholesaler, or bought or traded it through his music store.

However, the Czechs did not merely copy the American instrument, as they would later do. The activity, that used to be so comprehensive, was to an end.

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Egmond also made accordions, like this, that belongs to Jozef in Diessen. The late 60's The late 's was arguably Jolana's heyday. Since then, a lot of new information has come to light, enough to dedicate this third installment of "Guitars Of The Cold War" exclusively to guitars built in Czechoslovakia.

It is often forgotten that Britain had an embargo on American goods at the time, which was not lifted until The positions are neck, bridge, both and off. The AXA, appearing briefly inwas nothing but a converted Cremona acoustic fitted with an electric pickup.

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An interesting and unexpected development came in lateas Delicia reintroduced the classic Jolana brand to the European market. Inthere was an exhibit on the history of the Czech guitar in Prague at the Muzika fair. While a Tornado is still a hollowbody thinline and a Diamant is still shaped like a Les Paul, these are high-quality modern instruments, not the ugly ducklings of yore.