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Yamimash Animated

He often timelapsed it because he fell several times. His terrified reactions to horror games are why he's so often watched. They recorded a total of 20 video episodes for the game Bloody Trapland.

Slendytubbies In a special horror Collab. He continued to upload videos and keep to his schedule.

Yamimash Animated

March 14, 1, subscribers: It was very popular; it didn't last for long. Keemstar, in his video, said that he got statements from the girl and her mother on a Skype call and that they verified everything she said with the police, child protection services, etc. January 12,subscribers: February 4,subscribers: This won't be much scary videos but puzzles, Platform or Call of Duty.

He often refers to his elves as "Bastard Kiddies". In the video, he was with his girlfriend Jessica.

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But what its looks like at the 9th episode its almost impossible. This is a point that a minor percentage of his fans and general Youtube visitors think is inappropriate. He is rather good at it and has said he has lots of fun doing it.

He is mostly a solo game player, however, he has done a few collaborations with some of his fellow Youtube gamer friends.

Yamimash Animated Cartoon

Trying to survive each map. What happened to him?

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They also collaborated on Youtube series where they played the horror game Slendytubbies. Yamimash was years old at the time. April 18, 1, subscribers: This led to a series of events that saw his growing fame plummet until it was almost non-existent.

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Whenever he plays a horror game, he's often subjected to this. November 14,subscribers: At first he played minecraft on his own, however he found it boring.

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They were good friends before either of them were really big in subscribers, they were really excited to finally have met each other live after years of contact via the internet, and Ho Yay tendencies aside, they do appear genuinely close and supportive of one and other.

All in good fun, of course. Yamimash partly weathered the storm brought upon him by the scandal and tried to keep his career alive.

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Yamimash has since come back to Youtube running on all cylinders, as he uploads an average of six videos every month. The series has more than 50 videos. April 28, He's easily scared out of his wits by most of the horror games he plays, but he'll keep pressing on.

On March 5,he put up a video talking about how he wanted to socialize more and do stuff with his life besides Youtube.

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Gives his cat Bubby treats to induce her to hunt spiders.