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Dreaming and waking in bed with a kangaroo. She likes to hang out and devise weird half ass plans and get in trouble and fight with and run from undesirables.

Tank Girl (Tank Girl, #1) by Alan C. Martin

That's the trouble with only black. I mean, do you change into a different person when you go somewhere "special"?

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But the great thing is that you can pick up just this volume and get schooled on a major part of indie comics history, without committing to a huge series or wading through a newbie creator's early development on the way to the "good stuff. And the artwork is so highly detailed, crazy detailed, that ironically the details melt together and become a wash mercado monopolico yahoo dating black and the lettering can be hard to read sometimes.

Basically, if you've heard of Tank Girl or seen the movie or just have an image in your mind of what a hero named Tank Girl would be like, and you think that someone else's vision couldn't possibly live up to the hilarity in your head -- this is one case where you're wrong.

Faded Glory

The funny thing about Tank Girl -- well, there's lots of funny things, but one odd thing about reading it in a collected format -- is that the creators themselves say in the forward to the first book that they feel that the entire series is at its peak right here.

This was a slow read for me simply because there is so much meat here. Lessons aren't always learned. So if there was color to set things apart, embolden the details, shove the lettering into the quiet background, this comic would really sail among the best.

These comics represent the rejection of the system and social standards and even the rules of stories themselves: Actually, I don't think lessons are ever learned. More importantly, though, these very short comics operate on the writer's whim, much like free association.

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Let's do some free association. Things just sort of happen. And lastly, there's a cactus named Robert De Niro. So take it slow. Bad hango "Hot shot, sex pot!

List of Characters

Are you all suckers for that sophistication crap they pump out on t. Are we living in the Middle Ages?

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I'll have eggs, tomatoes, bacon, sausage, corn on the cob, fried bread, baked beans, porridge, soup, egg fritters, toast and jam, ice cream, boiled carrots, potatoes, your mother's ass, and a huge mug of tea This book is more fun than anything you could possibly think it might be.

These early strips are the definition of lightning in a bottle -- so jam-packed with insanity, humor and violence that the panels literally spill over with dialogue, scribbled tangents and ridiculous ideas.

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The black-and-white "remastered" reprints are newer and probably easier to find, but I cannot think of any reason on earth why you'd want them. It depends on the panel and what's happening. In issue three I'm hunted by some of Australia's nastiest bounty hunters! Or do you lick the boots of those big men type wankers with lots of cash?

After we find it:

The creators describe staying up for two days straight, passing pages back and forth to meet their deadlines until they didn't know what they were writing about and couldn't keep the details straight. An angel without wings! She loves to drink and party and and have fun. I love my clothes.

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It's about the experience, the journey, not the destination. But for God's sake, do the grunt work of tracking down the full-color edition. And that, friends, is how you write Tank Girl. Anarchy in the UK. If there's one thing I can't stand it's vanity, especially in blokes.