Antique Hitchcock Style Rocking Chair Antique Hitchcock Style Rocking Chair

Dating hitchcock rocking chairs, identifiable characteristics

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For more information, please call us at It was during the 's, a time when sawmills buzzed in Connecticut river towns. In the spring ofRick and his business partner, Gary Hath, purchased the Hitchcock name, plans, and artwork.

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Warranted," while he was alive. For dating baltiske kvinder der years, the name lay dormant.

The Maker’s Mark

At Hitchcock, we would say all of the above. Furniture made from to reads "L. About You are here: Turned front legs featured yellow ocher pin striping and gold bands that went half way around the leg. Enamored with the history of the Hitchcock brand, Kenny leased the original factory to reproduce the 19th century chairs.

Vtg Hitchcock Black Child Rocking Chair with Gold painted accents rush seat

Missing the Mark Closely resembling the original designs, Hitchcock reproduction chairs became available again in stores by the fall of The little hamlet dating hitchcock rocking chairs Rivertonformerly know as Hitchcocksville, has been the home of the Hitchcock Chair Company since Most notable is the famous Hitchcock chair, the invention of an aspiring woodworker named Lambert Hitchcock.

In fact, each of our collections spins a story that began with a man named Lambert Hitchcock. And like most families, the Hitchcock chronicle is characterized as much by "fire and flood" as homespun memories.

InLambert Hitchcock founded an innovative chair company in the northwestern hills of Connecticut, where he produced his beautiful hand stenciled furniture. His business eye settled on maple, oak and cherry, wood plentiful enough in the rugged countryside to be affordable. Those who recognized its unique quality and craftsmanship were able to find fully restored Hitchcock furniture through Still River Antiques, owned and operated by Rick Swenson.

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Home Does furniture make the room, or do people and time? A woodworker by trade, Hitchcock set out to build furniture of great character and beauty much like the clockwork of his time. Chairs produced before Kenny owned the rights were not stamped with the Hitchcock signature.

Their goal is to continue the Hitchcock legacy, bringing Hitchcock furniture into the 21st century while maintaining the quality and integrity of Lambert Hitchcock's original dream.

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Identifiable Characteristics Hitchcock chair frames, typically painted black, brownish black or dark green, were made from birch, maple or oak. On the way to his goal, he built a flourishing Connecticut company in a town now known as Riverton.

Two other indicators include the circled "R" of a modern trademark and chairs with wooden seats that also feature the letters "Hcc.

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The Hitchcock Chair Co. The cost-effective, assembly-line technique Hitchcock used to create his chairs, which resembled the high-end, fancy chairs in wealthy homes, made them affordable to the average family. The new signature combines both "L. Embellished using the British technique of stenciling while the varnish was still tacky, woodworkers applied multicolored metallic powders to create the stenciled fruit and floral designs.

Later designs included lemon yellow and brown chair frames. Hitchcock also made rockers and settees. And like most people, we've come through with our treasure preserved. The partnership ended in We sincerely hope you'll also see something of yourself.

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As you click through our website, you'll see furnishings that may remind you of a great-grandparent, a holiday feast or a family gathering on a rainy afternoon. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday Early Reproductions Lambert Hitchcock's death in left his estate with more liabilities than assets.

Original seats consisted of rush, followed by cane and finally wood planks.