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No one makes a reel like the old Mitchells. I gave been fishing with a since I was a boy. They also sold other folks wares as well.

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The lowest serial number found to date is A and the highest is A with two others in between. ByGarcia was the main stockholder of Mitchell and purchused Mitchell in For some unknown reason, Mitchell had serial numbers on a few models and on others had none. We further realised that some reels distributed in the US had serial numbers and the same reel released in Europe had none!

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Charles Pons' brother's name was Michel. I bought this reel 2 months and right from day one I have had trouble with it. I first used it Salt Water fishing.

Gakuen sousei nekoten online dating Carpano and Pons company was then restructured.

Lenk, who worked for the company, saw the reel and asked if he could try and market it here in the United States.

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It has smooth action, great gear ratio, and reliable parts. Mitchell also imprinted a single numerical digit on the reel foot on some -but not all- first versions.

Now for the bad news, this system although consistent, was not utilised on all models made during those years! We divided the dating process into four periods. The first run was found with serial number B and the second with B or about 20, reels later.

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The 6th and all subsequent versions up to have 6 or 7 digit serial numbers on the body with no lettered prefixes. It took a lot of chores around the house to save for one, and I would always gravitate to the fishing section when we visited stores to look at and try reels like this and the iconic Garcia Ambassador level wind reel.

Manufacturers to start manufacturing open faced spinning reels than all others.


Researching an answer was not an easy task since Mitchell did not use a system that was user friendly! They were made like a precision watch inside. For whatever reason, U. With the eight ball bearings, operation is "smooth as butter.

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I can't wait to try out that reel as well. All serial numbers started with a lettered prefix giving you the year of manufacture, i. These are also extremely rare!!!

You should never find a reel with an, "08" as month of issue.

Mitchell 300 and 300 PRO Reels

If I had a cast counter I would say it was up around with zero fail using 12lbs. Common sense would dictate that A was for the 3rd version but not so.

Salt and fresh water fishing. It is unclear what this single digit represented but it has sparked many debates with collectors. You can read the posts at these links if you are interested in Mitchell reels: The fact remains there are a lot fewer left handed reels manufactured than right handed.

The 5th version we discovered has a 6-digit serial number with and without lettered prefixes on the body.

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For example, fly reels have a totally different numbering system then spinning reels! I kept tightening it up but one day I forgot to tighten it and the screw worked out and the handle went into the lake. It will be garbage.

None of that stuff with the Mitchell I got my first one in the mid 70's when they were all Black and Pot metal. This is difficult to explain but speculation is that the first two versions were either prototypes, or not marketed outside of Europe thereby eliminating the need for unit numbering.

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Six numbers followed this lettered prefix. In essence, exact dating of reels based on serial numbers during this period is inconclusive. My son bought one at the same time and his did the same thing. The Impecco company was the importer while Garcia continued the sales, advertising, etc.

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So I remember seeing some of the fisherman and their boats at the tournament, and several of them were endorsers of reels like Zebco and Johnson, which are great reels I still use many of each today but the pros were carrying Mitchell 's and red Ambassador 's on their rods, not the reels they endorsed.

In Aprilreels are inscribed "Garcia Mitchell " or " Mitchell for European vendors " for the first time. My two older 's and were made in France. In the mid 's Carpano and Pons was asked to do some designing of two existing spinning reels: This makes it very easy to date these reels by just the serial number letter prefix.

Unfortunately, Mitchell was very ambiguous about their serial numbers. Unfortunately almost all of these wrappers have been discarded but several have been found and documented, still in their original factory state. At that point Mitchell became an independent company.

But Mitchell of France retained the manufacturing and design rights of all Mitchell products. I used my reel in the ocean plenty of times too, it beats all, took on that salt water like it was the same as fresh water. In any event, as I've indicated in prior posts, I've had exceptionally good luck with several reels from the later Mitchell spinning reels series, from the late seventies and early eighties.

I fished it till I broke it, Then I got another one.