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Chederlaomer utterly destroyed the alliance of rebel kings, taking many of the inhabitants captive, destined to likely become slaves, or worse.

The most likely route they took from Ur led through the ancient city of Mari. Most scholars who find these stories historically credible at all date the events to roughly the second quarter of the 13th century BC.

How one dates these events usually depends on how one dates the exodus. Along with his Amorite friends, among others, Abraham tracked down the army and over ran them near Dan. The ancient kings Og and Sihondefeated by Moses, ruled kingdoms occupying much of modern day Jordan.

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So when idols were allowed to be set up in the kingdom this persuaded the people to not honor God. Jericho was a strategic city, as the Israelites would have been able to access the Central Highlands by way of three routes, if the city could be taken.

This would prove too much for Esau, and in Genesis Thus, the first Old Testament map is that of Eden, and for centuries scholars have sought to draw that map. Judaic Religion in the Second Temple Period: Many different armies traversed this route en route to battle, or perhaps returning from defeat.

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First of all, the nodetitle is not dating old testament events nor intentionally a book of history. The officials that assassinated King Amon were killed by the people of Judah and his son Josiah became the next king.

It was to this area Jacob, Isaac's youngest son, fled in haste to escape the wrath of Esau, the oldest of the twin boys.

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Two of Jacob's sons would put to death the residents of Shechem in retaliation for the rape of their sister. Focus here on the most famous sequence of events, read 1 Maccabees 1—4. King Amon came to the throne in B.

Scholars debate the dating of these events, and indeed whether they happened at all. Any Old Testament map attests to the number of cities, towns, and villages which sprang up near ancient trade routes, intersections, water sources, hill tops, and valleys.

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Northcote asserts that the LXX calendrical pattern was meant to demonstrate that there were 5, years from creation to a contemporaneous Ptolemaic Egyptcirca BCE. He begged Jacob for some of the food he had just cooked.

They decided to assassinate the king to end his reign.

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Could this be an ancient temple of the fallen Watchers? Remains of the store facility and gate complex at the ancient site date back to the time around Abraham, from the Iron II period dating B.

The kingdom of Og was located in Bashan, just south of Mt. Scholars have noted at least two cities, Haran and Nahor, which bear names of Abraham's kin. Caravans ran this route carrying spices and perfumes, along with other products from the Arabian Peninsula.

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No stories narrating this time period are found in the Protestant Old Testament, but the Catholic Old Testament does include some in the books of the Maccabees. The southern location is just one theory, however, concerning the location of the Garden of Eden.

He then decided to send them into captivity. This Old Testament map of Abraham's journey depicts a long and arduous journey. After the flood, it was up to Noah and his three sons to re-populate the earth.

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This ancient highway carried trade goods which were vital to the economy of the Ancient Near East. This passage appears at the end of the book and is unusually longer than the shorter sayings that preceded it.

Enoch was one of only two people in the Bible to not die.