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Dating orange crush bottles, about j. j. sedelmaier

There may be clues in this thread, as well as search suggestions in the other bottle contest threads linked below. I try to include a handful of lesser known bottles, but don't let that discourage you from joining in! For each bottle, score one point for naming the house and one point for naming the fragrance.

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It was used through to but eventually dropped from the mixture. The first 11 bottles in the photos below came from the garage.

Pepper, and, of course, Coke.

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Click on the image or link below to view it full-size x If your browser resizes the picture to fit your window, the bottles will not be as easy to see.

They were from the same period as his dating orange crush bottles Saturday Evening Post cover illustrations. Anyone who became a Basenotes member prior to May 5, In a private message, name as many of the fragrances in the picture below as possible.

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When Ward cofounded the company in with Clayton J. Trademark bottle from to the s. This s bottle has Crushy taking a more prominent role. Sunshine in a Jar: Sedelmaier May 21, I grew up drinking Orange Crush and hearing my mom tell stories of how it used to come in brown bottles, supposedly to protect the flavor.

Sedelmaier has produced over film and design pieces. Please list them by row. This bottle starts the "ribbed" series design.

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A 's katlego mohoaduba dating after divorce of the original s bottle design. Close-up of label from above bottle. PM your list of answers, in the order that they appear in the picture.

Winners Announced for Bottles Contest 5: This piece concentrates specifically on the Orange Crush bottles. Howell, actual orange pulp was part of the original formula.

First of the newly designed "Mae West" bottles and still retaining the brown glass. My next post will be a piece on the other bottles I discovered in the Evanston garage cache, and the influence this collection has had on my interest in design evolution.

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Old meets new meets old. Give as much detail as you can gender, special editions, etc. The first thing I saw was a couple of vintage advertisements on the wall.

There was no car and nothing much interesting to look at, except for four or five open cardboard boxes. Brown glass bottle with embossed lettering and "Crushy" character. A carbon copy ever wonder what "cc" stands for? Evidently, the Crush work there were flavors in addition to orange was the only advertising commission that Rockwell ever signed a contract for.

Orange Crush | Kijiji in Winnipeg. - Buy, Sell & Save with Canada's #1 Local Classifieds.

The boxes were filled with pop bottles, and my first thought was to take them to the grocery store for the two-cent deposits. I often rode my bike past the building, which was in the west of the city, in an industrial area on Main Street. One day when I was about 12 years old, I was riding my Schwinn Sting-Ray down Asbury Avenue, and I noticed that a house in the neighborhood was being demolished.

I pulled over by the garage which looked like it was about to fall over on its own and looked through one of the windows.

Orange Crush

I took a closer look and realized that they were original illustrations done in an orange-black, two-tone technique. One day I decided to go inside. If more than one person has the same number of correct answers, I'll choose a random winner from those finalists.

Here were brown Orange Crush bottles just like my mom had told me about. Close-up of the message included on all bottles, beginning with the brown embossed glass version. I asked one of the guys responsible for the demolition if I could have the bottles. I was also aware that Orange Crush was made in my hometown, Evanston, Illinois—or at least it had a plant in town.

I walked in to get a better look. Here are the bottles. Like many early soft-drink beverages, Orange Crush was created by a chemist, Neil C.

Vintage Orange Crush Soda Bottles Take a Ribbing

Another e-tailer of your choice that offers gift certificates via email I'm open to other options for Basenoters outside the U. Also, I would like to award the first-place prize to someone who has not won it previously.

Same as above in green glass. Simplified label now with with white text. This bottle replaces the words "Orange Crush" with "OC".

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A black glass bottle with paper labels. A recent 's "rogue" bottle.

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If you submit updates, please use some indicator of which answers have been added or changed bold, asterisk, etc.