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Fully Working eCommerce Store for Free Freewebstore allows you to create and manage your very own online shop with a few simple steps. Attractive multi-faceted pedestal paperweight with 1 top facet and 2 rows of 5 facets.

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Strathearn ran untilat which time Stuart Glass bought the company and discontinued paperweights altogether. But, by all means, if you want to collect something, collect something that you like to look at; something dating perthshire paperweights scotland you like to have.

John Deacons, who is a very prolific paperweight maker today and has his own little glassworks company, worked for Strathearn at one time, and then he went to work for Perthshire. Strathearn gave them to people who went into their shop or tourist areas to buy paperweights.

The pictures depict top and side views. Rare mini-piedouche paperweight with several concentric rows of different complex canes in red, white, pink and blue, some having green centers. Although not dated, it was probably made in the s. This one-off paperweight has a signature cane WM on its base and is also signed and dated stratigraphic relative dating of fossils the artist.

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This is not the same. Hall is a very prolific author, collector, and seller of paperweights — not just Scottish paperweights, but all kinds of paperweights.

When I first started collecting Strathearn paperweights, I really had no idea how many different varieties and designs there were. ZL Randall Grubb A purple and yellow pansy with its white cog cane center blooms alongside a bud and green leves, over a clear glass ground.

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Dating perthshire paperweights scotland concentric millefiori paperweight with complex canes in amber, lavender and white on a translucent green ground.

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They might be working with the cartwheel spoke designs, but they used a different number of canes or different color combinations that were out of the norm from what the company normally ran for that production. D'Albret paperweights are signed on the base with acid-etched letters arranged in a circle: Were all of the paperweights they made different?

The cameos within the paperweights frequently are signed on the edge with one or more of the following: Master glassmaker Peter McDougall established his studio in Crieff Scotland in near the Perthshire Studio, where he worked from They use what they call millefiori, the little tiny canes inside the paperweight.

For a while he worked at Correia Glass and then Abelman Glass, but it was his own curiosity that lead him to create lampwork paperweights.

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They have the bottle opener, the can opener, the corkscrew, and maybe a jigger. The single dark pink central flower is surrounded by numerous rich green leaves, some of which have not yet opened.

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I have not found any two EIIR paperweights where the same exact canes were used and placed in the same place within the paperweight. In June ofI bought my first Strathearn. The paperweight still has a gold paper label "Cristalleries Lemberg Lorraine".

There was a lot of information about them, so more books had been written about those companies than Strathearn and the Ysart family. We also provide a dedicated help website at help.

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Many are not marked in any way. Red poppy bouquet paperweight. Any color in the photos are only light reflections and not abnormalities in this clear glass paperweight.

It looked like a piece of ice floating in liquid water.

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I have examples on my site, too. You can look at a hundred or a thousand and the design is all basically the same, but what has changed on the inside would be the number of canes, the particular style or design of a cane, whether it was ribbed on the outside or had serrated teeth on the inside, different colors, different internal inserts.

The flower is surrounded by a row of small millefiori canes. Millefiori signed paperweight F.

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Signed on its base: The others in this series, have small versions of only the seventeen other silhouette canes surrounding the large central one and were made in a smaller limited edition of less than Some individuals on the island of Murano made very good paperweightsand some just made them for the tourist trade.

Inhe had a disagreement with the management about the type and quality of paperweights he felt that the company could make, so he left and formed Perthshire, taking a lot of Strathearn workers with him. He never had any association with his father or brothers in their glass working ventures.

This clear glass-encased heart-shaped paperweight has a mottled purple and white interior and a copper human figure, with green patina, engraved on its surface.

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Fantastic crystal cubes, tilted on one corner and mounted on a square, beveled edges, mirror base; three sides have dichroic coating and a concave facet.

Very few of his paperweights are still in existence and all those in our Kraft Gallery were purchased from his estate. Sincehe has completely devoted his efforts to making lampwork paperweights of the highest quality. Signed, dated and signature cane. They all have a large central silhouette cane with smaller versions of the other Gridel canes found within their designs.