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Louison Bobet won the World Championship innot on a Peugeot so Peugeot, being nationalistic, may have included the rainbow and "Champion du Monde" to honor his victory.

Decal notes -- Peugeot in large block letters on the down tube, no rings or stripes; checkerboard fade on seat tube, with flanking lion-on-rock emblems. This bike appears to be a ' model by the decals on the seat tube and down tube.

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To make matters more complicated, Peugeots were sometimes assembled with different components for different national markets. Byor thereabouts, tirupati booking counter in bangalore dating designations on the top tube aid in determining the model.

Set aside the fenders for the rainy season. However, due to the Second World War, the company was forced to cease production of cars. In addition, Frank Cogorno of Procycle, manufacturer of current Peugeot bicycles, provided numerous catalogs for the period toas well as much valuable information.

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Bicycles built during the 80's have eight dating peugeot bicycles and a letter prefix. Peugeot grew to be a diversified company producing kitchen appliances, metal warehouse fixtures, hydraulic equipment, automobiles, motorcycles and, of course, bicycles.

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During the bicycle sales 'boom' ofPeugeot sales increased dramatically. PX models continued to be listed in European catalogs. In the family business begins producing cars again and the two companies are reunited just five years later.

One of our correspondents informs us that brazed-on pivot studs, long a French custom builder's trick, were standard for the PYCP Course Professional by Dating peugeot bicycleswe see the introduction of the PLX While they are not the focus of this site, the UO-8 and AO-8 touring bicycles were sold in huge numbers, the former being frequently mentioned in contemporary cycling literature as a good buy for the beginner.

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These custom frames were designated PY Specifications and Timelines The PX went through numerous changes during its long production life. Five years later their counterpart is producing more thanvehicles annually. While the image in the catalog reprint is not clear, it appears to have plain Nervex lugs, black at the head tube; 72 degree parallel angles.

The company turned their steel into knives and forks, hydraulic equipment and, frombicycles, sold as Cycles Peugeot. The Peugeot classic racing bicycles were not solely Peugeot manufacture.

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Bythe factory at Beaulieu was turning outbicycles a year, employing nearly 3, workers, while Automobiles Peugeot completed itsautomobile. This isn't the same Arc-en-Ciel rings used to designate a World Champion, rather seven bands of color in the order they occur in the spectrum.

It's a really nice road bike funnily, it does not have drop hadlebars, but regular straight bars and I would love to know its model and year, to see if it is worth anything.

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Most sane people would balk at spending money on this kind of bike rest assured, based on how much of it is being thrown out, it is definately not 'second tier' November Learn how and when to remove this template message Peugeot is a French manufacturer founded by Jean Pequignot Peugeot, a 19th-century manufacturer of water mills.

By Peugeot is producing almost 30 cars a year.


The lion on shield has a rainbow behind it with "Champion du Monde" below. However, in the 90s, Peugeot began experiencing sale troubles in the US and Canada.

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Specifications listed by Mulholland include Stronglight 93 cranks; Ideale saddle; Simplex seatpost; Mafac Competition centerpull brakes with fully hooded levers, wheel guides and barrel adjusters; Simplex Prestige Extra Leger derailleurs early SLJs?

Towards the end of the 70s, Peugeot even controlled the Maserati brand, but disposed it later on. Interestingly, the club was founded by a Peugeot family member. Peugeot also used photos to illustrate their catalogs that were not necessarily of the current year.

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Regardless, the new Peugeot and proved to be successful and even won the East African Safari Rally for four years, from to However, steam power was heavy and required lengthy warm up. Formed inProCycle had manufactured some Peugeots as early as Specifications listed include full frameset with Nervex plain lugs; chromed fork crown, tips and rear stays; brazed-on shift cable guides, bottle cage mounts and brake studs.

Peugeot would go on to become the most successful factory team of all time in the Tour de France, winning the race a record ten times.

Even as most other teams were using Italian Campagnolo components, Peugeot continued to use French ones.