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On one occasion, I had got the this court case number over the phone and in another case I was asked to come to same office get the number.

I have recently filed 2 complaints with them online and both the times the website worked without issues unlike http: To make it very clear: So the most important thing is always to have a written trail of complaint and interactions done with the company in question.

In case the OP appears, they will submit a written objection etc stating their position and facts according to them. Yes, you must send the judgment to all three credit reporting agencies, Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax.

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State judgment and lien laws are subject to many, many quirks and even experienced attorneys and courts themselves are often confused by them. The judgment is a separate document that formally ends the case and triggers the right to appeal. After posting separate negative reviews about Pepperfry and Infibeam and informing them, I was able to get the required refunds although for Pepperfry I could not get the full shipping costs.

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Update 30 Sep To ask a question, post it in the comment box and you will automatically receive reply by email when I reply to the comment — usually within 24 hours.

One fundamental reason for these posts is that from now I plan to send links to these posts to any new companies who try to get smart and treat me as their prisoner.

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Along with the case number you will be asked to go to a particular district consumer forum on the said date and be there by 11 am when the court starts.

You can get there addresses of line by searching "credit reporting agencies". The small claims court Special Civil Part has forms for this. A judgment can be in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant. Just type the brand name, e.

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How do you remove a civil judgment that has been released by the courts from your credit report especially when the original debt was included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

A judgment is the final decision of the court on all issues in the case leaving no further action to be taken regarding the issues in dispute.

I will also post the scans of consumer forum orders I have won already. Once a lien is placed on property, the plaintiff can often force a sale and get his money from the proceeds.

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There is a walk able passage at the back of this building from the nearby city civil courts too in case you ended up parking there. And have you already tried those solutions?

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When do civil judgments expire? North Carolina does not have a law directly prohibiting wage garnishment, but the specifics of the garnishment law make it nearly impossible for such action to be taken. Usually the first hearing will be scheduled within few days so plan to file the complaint when you are not going out of town in next couple of weeks else you could miss the first hearing.

It will be cheaper if you find a notary working inside any court complex.

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I had recently filed 2 consumer court cases in Bangalore and won both of them. If they have a branch address in Bangalore then you should use it. It which may cost Rs depending on number of pages and notary.

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Please go back and read it. For example, he or she can put a lien on property, garnish wages illegal some statesetc. So my plan for this post is just to outline the basic steps on how to file a consumer forum complaint, and I will use fresh posts to expose and warn about any new tricks being employed by various companies.

It means you lost a civil suit in court and there is possibly a monetary judgment against you - can result in a Lien, etc. There are many templates available on various websites, you can use them. Which is why I feel the time has come to shame and expose these naked emperors and continue doing it as and when they choose to become our oppressors.

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What is a judgment and do you have to go to court to get one? This allows the judgment to be interminable and to be executed at any given time without notification to the person to whom the judgment is against.

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Submit the complaint at address above and get the acknowledgement. Most of the time your issue may be discussed already, so it is strongly advised to spend some time going through these comments.

I had done it for first complaint against Panasonic, but then realized that it is required for the accompanying 1 page affidavit, not for the complaint itself. Phew… with all of that out of the way, original post continues below: What is a civil judgment?

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As long as I stick to the facts, these companies will have no recourse but to suck it up since it I am saying the truth and not unjustifiably defaming them. If subject matter of complaint is less than Rs 20,00, 20 lakh rupeesthen you need to file in District consumer forum which is what follows in this post.

Note that the original complaint does not need to be notarized.