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Ontario Robeson Knives

Amazingly, the X was still sharp enough to cut copier paper cleanly although not newsprinteven after being used as a camp hatchet. Byhe located a vacant factory in Perry, NY, set up machinery and production.

My first round of chopping managed to vibrate the endcap out from the hollow grip cavity. Aprox knives were made in with of them being sent to Vietnam in August The knuckle bow is an 8 point and made of aluminum. Robeson remained in existence long after other major companies closed down their cutlery operations.

The underside of the guard is marked "06" and "M H" the C is under the blade. They made pressed metal goods such as chafing dishes, silent butlers, tea kettles, cuspidors, and trays. Later in the war the U. By learning the simple Case dating system, you can easily determine the year a Case knife was manufactured.

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The blade has the F-S and Wilkinson logo's. Mostly, they manufactured utilitarian knives for working men. This exact knife is pictured in Cole Book 1 page Afterand until aboutRobeson utilized the prettiest bone handle material ever, the now famous, and above mentioned "Strawberry Bone".

Robeson, assumed define radiometric dating examples of the businesses.

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I also have his pictures, award certificates and other papers. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, Millard Robeson was lured away from the manufacturers at Camillus, to Perry, New York, which was closer to Rochester and the Rochester Stamping Works.

Sherwood and Denton E. Early 6" Pilots Knife made by Camillus. The blade has the V cut at the ricasso. They were issued to the members of the U.

It has the waxed Ox Hide sheath with leather leg straps. The scabbard is original and made by the Black Horse Leather Shop.

Knife manufacture by Sherwood started to be phased out.

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A2 tool steel, 58 RHC. The blade also has a scroll with "Major J.

Ontario Robeson Knives - Knife Center

This is a blade marked version. But I actually like it better the new way, and I chopped through several more hefty branches without dislodging the endcap again.

This is the large version of the knife with the see through handle. To our usual round of paper, cardboard and rope-cutting tasks, I added wood chopping and splitting. Opinions may vary, but as a vintage Robeson knife collector, I do not consider any knife made after the closing of the Perry plant to be a Robeson knife, any more than would a Schrade collector consider the current knives produced in China to be Schrades.

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While fairly soft for tool steel, this is about the same hardness as most EDC blades made from S30V supersteel. They have, however, produced patterns carrying the Robeson name that I do not believe Robeson ever made, such as a canoe pattern, a stout three blade surveyors pattern, and an elegant whittler, similar to those made by the Joseph Rodgers and Remington cutlery companies, and referred to as "Norfork Whittlers".

This knife was made in the 60's. The upper portion of the handle has the Canadian acceptance mark, which is a Broad Arrow within a C.

Ontario Robeson Heirloom Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife Wood (" Satin) OKC - Blade HQ

The sheath is also marked March on the back. Less than patterns were offered by larger firms. There is no V cut on the blade.

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The blue blade has the F-S and Wilkinson logo's. They had set themselves up as a subcontractor and supplier to other cutlery companies.

It has an extended tang with a lanyard hole. They have recently produced a Robeson Mountain Man knife, similar to some Remington bullet knives, or old Utica and New York Knife Company large trapper pattern knives.

It was made by Whittingslowe.

White River Knives

Indeed, George and Irving were listed as officers in the company on a shipping notice letterhead in No doubt had the early ink stamp on the blade. The brass guard is marked "MHC". This exact knife is shown on page of Mike Silvey's Vietnam Book.

The sheath is a Prototype, with less than 5 made.

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That merger took place inas well. This is an early version with the screw off pommel. Unfortunately, I do not believe that Mr. The handle is alum, brass, fiber, bakelite and copper.

Robson Knives – Custom Knife Making

Ironically, domestic pocket knife manufacture returned to Camillus, NY where it originated in The handles are rosewood.

Clinton Imported Knives Catalog out of Mt. They did, of course, produce many pearl or abalone handled "Gentlemen's" knives.