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Your team is very professional.

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Marshall After almost a year of purchasing my dating software from Pilot Group there are still there for me. If all stations in the UCD group are busy, the system plays a message to the caller - acting like a receptionist or a Music-on-Hold system.

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Very polite and knowledgeable team. For next release maybe you can think about contact between users and site owner. Reviews is a unique technological multilingual platform that allows our users: This allows you to be able to receive faxes day or night without a need for someone to transfer the call, and removes any need for purchasing a special fax phone line.

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For example, this feature is useful for a small hotel to block calls after guests have checked out Limited Call Duration Emergency Call You can assign 5 different telephone numbers, which can override call restrictions when making an emergency call to the authorities - such as police, fire department, ambulance, etc.

I spent a few months for a research — what dating script will be the best for me? My goal is to recruit people a month; anyway just letting you know that I will purchase other websites after I get this one going in the future. Reviews that thousands of users choose among many other analogue services, and here is why: I have 2 weeks to get at the min 60 people I really need to get to look decent on line.

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SMDR records can help you effectively manage call costs, staff productivity and phone system usage. First version which i have looks so empty. Your software are fantastic and seems to do exactly what it is made to do. You are predict all users need, and implement actions in admin module. I would happily recommend any other company that I may encounter that wishes to start a dating site.

Thanks so much for your professional guidance in resolving my issues. Reviews top works in real time and displays the total number of comments posted by the users, including not moderated ones. And of course, the familiar Panasonic PT Programming interface is also available, allowing you to quickly program the system using a PT.

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You will always get my best reviews most especially in idateawards. Admin module is very complex. Of course in other countries because I would like to have the U.

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The system disconnects outbound calls when a preprogrammed time expires. Standard doorbells can also be connected to the system to indicate doorphone calls with the familiar chime.

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Reviews, leading in the number of comments reviews left by the users. If extension doesn't work, you'll need to call your phone service provider to find out the correct programming extension. The System Administrator can even program and maintain the system while off-site, by connecting remotely to the built-in modem.

In an extension group, the following features can be activated. A ringing pattern can be selected depending on the type of call such as an outside call, intercom call or a doorphone call.

As a visitor presses a doorphone button, a pre-assigned internal extension rings allowing the extension user to talk to the visitor.

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Ringing Pattern Selection Distinguish incoming calls for easy call handling. Good job I say! Up to 2 outside lines can join a conference call.