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There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone older than you

I know that I am speaking from a different culture, but my recommendation would be for you and your family to try to get to know this man before moving forward with any definite plans.

When your partner has considerably more life experience than you, it can feel a little intimidating.

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Because for me, mature people is better than immature people when it comes in dating. Posted by Martinsx on Submit Same age or zenki op latino dating little older Relationship is all about getting involved with someone who can reason and think from your perspective or closer to it, this will help you both to understand each other better and work out well.

This guy was divorced. An older partner doesn't always equate to a sugar daddyor mama, though—even if they have the cash. Our relationship feels comfortable that way. And we always finish each other thoughts or say the same thing at the same time.

Do you think people want love or attention in our generation?

This article made me smile. If these are prevalent in a relationship, then age shouldn't be a problem for the parties involved. Dating someone that is so old is not good. It seriously upsets me to hear about it.

Dating Someone Years Older Than You - LONG TERM?

When you're dating someone older, it's easy to feel pressured to act older than you are. We both like the same food, same music, same movies and pretty much the same everything.

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Now that we've been together for five years, that happens less frequently, but when he lets his beard grow out, which is gray, and we're out in public together, we still get questioning looks from strangers. I look back and cringe. Or any Nickelodeon TV shows.

They went out with me because they could manipulate me. I didn't have a clue compared to what I know now.


I skipped a grade and whereas other kids my age were in 4th grade, I was in 5th grade. In fact it was probably one of the better parts of the equation. I am so Honored, that God placed Tasha in my life, when He did!

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Just not for me. He'd had like seven jobs whereas I had, like, two. Probably because my first boyfriend, who I dated for almost five years, was just over thirty years my senior.

They watched too much porn and they just thought I was pretty and had a great body.

Disadvantages Of Dating Someone Older Than You

People can be selfish, struggle with commitment or refuse to communicate properly however old they are. Age differences in relationships can cause scrutiny, strife, uneasiness and discrimination.

Open communication is key. She's now training to do counselling courses with this particular age group of young pre-teen s and teens.

5 Tips for Dating Someone Older Than You - ATTN:

By Kateri Wozny Oct 13 Share. Experience can be a good thing. I'm 26 my best friend is three years younger than me. Posted by blank on Submit My wife is older than I am!

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That may or may not be true. Thank you for reading my article!

Learn English in an easy, exciting, and fun way with me!

I love her very much and I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world. Posted by Soulwatcher on Submit Never Met Anybody Younger Ever since I was young, my elders always advised me that girls were more mature than boys so I should date someone older.

If I was 18 and was dating a 25 year old the differences are bound to be very noticeable at that age.

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THEY needed to go out with someone much younger and much more inexperienced to make them feeel bigger and better about themselves.

Croft also emphasized that communication and patience were crucial.

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