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Georgian era [ edit ] Simon Willard's shelf clocks were weight-driven and some models had an extended base for the weight so they achieved a one-week running period. Nowadays, Simon Willard's clocks are recognized as American masterpieces.

Starting inthey also made pocketwatches, and were later the makers of the first Mickey Mouse watch.

Made c 1890

See the Resources section for links to Waterbury clock dating waterbury clocks mantel that may help you identify your clock, and to a schwiegertochter gesucht ganze folge online dating Waterbury identification guidebook.

However, it is commonly accepted that historically their clocks were not definitively popular. Willard's shelf clocks were produced until the s. Trademark Waterbury was a large enough manufacturer that it marked all its clocks with its company name.

The company suffered in the Great Depression, but survived, and is now the Timex Corp.

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They are often made of walnut or oak, and may reflect styles such as Art Nouveau, Mission, Art Deco or Victorian revival. A smaller number of Waterbury clocks were finished in black, and an even smaller number in white.

Mantel and desk clocks were particularly popular, as were standing and wall clocks. Also, they had a pinwheel escapement.

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Waterbury clocks are sure to make a timely addition to any room of your home, whether on a tabletop, a mantle, or a wall. Identifying an original Waterbury clock depends on its age, style and other characteristics.

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Ingraham Clock About Waterbury Clocks For some reason, time seems to fly by when you are in the comfort of your home. Look in the center or around the edge; it may be obscured by decorations. Their strike mechanism was the rack and snail.

Style Waterbury made hundreds of styles of clocks, based on the interior decorating fashions current each year, and entire books are published on the identification of each model.

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As such, they are avidly sought by both antiquarians and museums. Specifications[ edit ] In contrast to wall clocks, whose movements were attached to the back board, the shelf clock had its movement supported by a seat board.

In the s in Boston, Simon Willard began selling other standardized shelf clocks. It may also be on a paper label inside the clock case or on the back of shelf or wall clocks.

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Other uncommon finishes include colored porcelains and enamels. Victorian decorative arts [ edit ] Some later shelf clocks featured two artistically finished glass tablets which were beside the circular dial.


The patent marking is a followed by a number. The pendulum length could be adjusted through a hole in the clock face at the 12 o'clock position, so it was not necessary to open the case. A Waterbury shelf clock brings elegance to any space with the help of vibrant gold trim and floral prints.

These antique clocks feature a variety of materials, including delicate porcelain, bright brass, shiny steel, and handsome wood.

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Get your hands on an Art Deco Waterbury alarm clock to spruce up your bathroom with, or add a touch of vintage decor to your dining room with a carriage clock that features beveled glass panels. Luckily, a Waterbury clock can help you keep a handle on timekeeping while becoming a conversation piece in the mix of your home's decor at the same time.

You can find varied range of options available as part of the vast inventory on eBay.

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Characteristics Most Waterbury clocks have wood cases and their faces are marked in Roman numerals. Instead, Eli Terry popularized the clock ownership among common American people.

Waterbury Clocks

Some sport basic designs with straight lines and minimal decor while others go all out with intricate carvings and bright embellishments. These models included both a second hand and a calendar dial. The whole clock was mounted on lion paws. Waterbury had rounded corners to its clock movements, which were often made of brass or brass-plated steel.

The Willard Brothers revolutionized the clock manufacturing by both labor division and using multiple previously molded parts. Indeed, it looked like a standard tall clock whose hood and base were directly conjoined and whose body was missing.