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Using Fish Flash in heavily stained to dirty water conditions makes a huge difference triggering strikes in these tough conditions.

Trolling with Planer Boards for Walleye

Techniques for Catching River Walleye Slip-bobbering with crawlers, leadheads with leeches and spinner rigs with minnows are three great methods to catch river walleye. How to Fish for Walleye From the Shoreline Fishing for the glassy-eye walleye from the shoreline can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Using Lake Maps to Find Walleye Lake maps can be very useful when you are going on a fishing trip, so that you can understand the best areas and also the places to stay away from.

During the spring and fall months, when the water temperature drops down and the air may be chilly, minnows can be one of the best baits of all to tempt sluggish Walleye into action. Incorporating flash into trolling presentations is very common among trout and salmon anglers. Stick to the colors that work: On some days a faster speed will be preferred by the fish and on other days, they'll hit up your presentation when you're trolling at a crawl.

Casting can often have a clear advantage, and if done right can result in a substantial catch. Fishing Rocky Bottoms for Walleye While many walleye can be found hiding in underwater timber and foliage, they can also be found on the rocky river or lake bottoms.

Trolling with Planer Boards for Walleye - The Fishidy Blog

This is also when a greater yield of large walleye is possible as the heavier females relax for an evening meal. By spreading your lines out you patetico significato yahoo dating able to target a specific depth with each line, generally the highest running lines on the outsides and the deepest on the insides closest to the boat.

Read more about how you can build a crawler harness. Have fun on the water, and great fishing to you! As always when it comes to walleye fishing, the key is often to observe the feedback you are receiving as it pertains to the interest of the fish. How much and what kind of electronics you will need has to be based on your fishing lifestyle.

At this page, you can discover Quebec walleye fishing tips. In a previous article about proper rod selection I talked about the perfect trolling rod. Night Walleye Fishing Oftentimes, there is no better time to fish for walleye than in the dark and still of night.


Planer boards eliminate this twisted, knotted, snagged nightmare by spreading the lines out to each side of the boat. This method is very effective by trolling parallel to the edges of the weedbeds, using float diving crankbaits to minimize any snags from accidental weed contact.

That's why it is a must that your boards be able to function flawlessly at slow speeds. Most anglers who have fished long enough realize that there is something going on between walleye and atmospheric changes.

Trolling Spoons

Walleye Rods There are many tools an angler needs in order to be successful, but the rod stands alone. Warm Weather Walleyes Walleye fishing is a great pastime, but in warm water or warm weather these fish can provide a challenge.

Read about some bottom bouncer techniques in this report. Find out more about how and when to change walleye presentations when you're out fishing. When fishing for Walleye knowing the right type of line to use means understanding the different line types available.

If you've done your homework, you'll hit the water prepared for both the seasonal and environmental influences on the fish.

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Jigging techniques can vary, as can the perfect jig for the water you are fishing and the conditions that are present while you are fishing. Choosing the right type and weight of line often makes all the difference.

Rocky bottom fishing can be tricky though, as your hooks and sinkers can get caught in snags below the water and fishing line can get knicked, thus weakening it and making it more susceptible to breaks once you finally try to reel your catch in.

Baits for Shoreline Fishing When casting for walleye from shore, there are several baits that an angler should never leave home without.

Trolling Spoons

There are tons of resources for learning to troll with inline planer boards including hundreds of online videos and other articles.

Find out more about pulling walleye out of mesotrophic lakes. Next time you're out on the water in the Summer, try trolling a crankbait at about 2. Although spinner harnesses are widely available commercially, many anglers spend time making their own.

When it is time to hit the deeper depths, a prepared angler is going to need some Reef Runner lures on board. After all, due to the conditions that exist there it hosts the most habitable spot for walleyes to hang out.

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The main reason to come here, however, is for its fantastic fishing opportunities Find out the best times to hit these spots and more about finding these fish in Colorado.

Bottom Bouncer Strategies Using bottom bouncers to fish for Walleye can be very effective, but many anglers may have questions about these rigs. Every now and then it's time to remember the basics of walleye fishing so we can stay at the top of our game and continue to enjoy this sport we love so much.

In addition, reservoirs offer wonderful opportunities to catch some early season walleye, with many anglers choosing to ice-fish at some reservoirs. They also tend to be found in areas where there are sand bars and on the edges of drop offs.

Knowing the differences between lake and river environments will increase your chances of catching a walleye wherever they are. Use it to take attractors, lures and bait rigs to depth. Read more about catching more fish with reef runners. In this application we want some stretch, so a 10 to 12lb mono works great.