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Flowing through the city is the Don River, a geographic and cultural landmark. Levberdon is like a local Las Vegas, although there are no casinos.

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Back in those days, the house hosted magnificent balls with opera performances by Feodor Chaliapin and poetry readings by Nikolai Gumilev. Even if one does not speak the language, sometimes shopping at the Rynok is far preferable to shopping at the nearby, overpriced, department stores.

Its collection includes still lifes by the Little Dutch Masters, genre paintings from the workshop of Rubens, Chinese vases and jewel boxes, Samurai swords, Piranesi drawings and Russian art, from the icons of the sixteenth century to the Peredvizhniki art group of the late nineteenth century and collages of the twenty-first.

More than a picturesque view, the Embankment is lined with several restaurants, statues, lighted fountains and a few shops. It's worth sticking your nose in to get a whiff of the goodness. Located in an area rich in oil and minerals, the city remains a major railway junction linking southwestern Russia with the north.

The theatre is located on the city center square, directly across the street from the monument known as "Stella". The bi-level setting is comfortable and cozy — reminiscent of a family home — with several different rooms to choose from.

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October Revolution Park More than just a gorkhaland territorial administration tenders dating area, this park is filled with multiple things to do: Just let the money do the talking. The old Ferris wheel in Gorky Park is one of the city's most recognizable sights.

Pushkin Street leads into both the City Park Gorky Park and October Revolution Park with their amusement parks, multiple playgrounds, cafes and souvenir kiosks. An impressive monument to the Bolshevik Revolution is also nestled into the greenery. Even throughout the summer months when other theatres may be closedMaxim Gorky Theatre still operates.

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The city is the main transport, industrial and cultural center in the south of Russia. Prior tothe square was home to the Alexandro-Nevsky Cathedral, which you can now see in miniature next to the monument. Home to hundreds of start-up companies, Rostov is a growing city boosted by its thriving transportation and manufacturing industries.

Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral Church in Rostov-on-Don The lavish, gold-domed neo-Byzantine cathedral, built inoverlooks the central market.

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The majority of the Rynok is devoted to food and clothing, but you can buy literally anything here though it might take a while to find. It's a popular spot for families to grab a light lunch or to indulge in pastries, ice cream or dessert. The city is home to 1. Transport Shopping The best way to move around the city is taxi service — you can easily get an Uber or Yandex taxi via app.

During the groundbreaking for the stadium, five shells from WWII were found, almost perfectly preserved. Since then this time was commonly accepted as the countdown of the city history.

The Soviet, Oktyabrsky, Voroshilovsky and Pervomaisk districts are located in the north of the right-bank part of the city. Around horseback Cossacks, a paramilitary group dating back to Czarist times, will be drafted in to provide security at World Cup games in Russia They include 30 on horseback, which will help security forces around Rostov Arena and the airport.

Precipitation constitutes approximately mm per year. The story of the Don Cossacks, delectable fish and all the traditions of a large trading port: The museum has an interesting collection that includes artefacts from prehistoric times, such as the stone axes of primitive humans; a large scale model of the fortress of Saint Dmitry Rostovsky, and the diorama Animals and Birds at Home, depicting the fauna of Rostov Region.

As part of the press tour, you will visit the following landmarks: Being a pleasant city of green parks and monumental squares, Rostov can be an interesting travel destination as well as a good stopover for travelers on their way to the Black Sea coast.

On both sides of the boulevard, you will find impressive mansions built during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Nowadays, the river embankment is not so quiet, especially on summer nights, when a carnival atmosphere takes over.

Browse the tables piled high with fresh fruit and berries, dried fish and herbs and handmade brooms, not to mention eye glasses, shoes and anything else you might need.

Park Skazka, with its numerous children's attractions and an aquarium hosting dolphin shows, stands out among the parks located farther from the center.

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Most of the parks, museums and the main railway station of the city are located here. Zolotoy Kolos Cafe in Rostov-on-Don Mimicking the grand cafes of Old Europe, this sweet-treat haven is decked out with heavy drapes and chandeliers.

Rostov-on-Don is awash with Don Cossack culture and in the center of the village of Starocherkasskaya, 35 km south of the city, is the Ataman Palace, once the residence of the Cossack chiefs.

This place is well worth a visit, especially if one is accompanied by children. Rostov Zoo is home to a staggering variety of animals, including giraffes, camels, polar bears, falcons, reptiles, fish, and simians. It has access to four other seas: It is the center of nightlife in Rostov.

But inwell in advance, Temernitskaya customs house has been founded on the place of the modern Rostov by the order of Russian Empress Elizabeth. Gradually, it filled up with banks, hotels, shops and private houses belonging to the rich residents of Rostov. Recommended for couples, families and children.


There is also a regular train service between Moscow and Rostov. In December, the temperature drops below zero, nature fades in anticipation of the long-awaited spring.

Stadium Rostov Arena is the first ever project to be built on the south bank of the River Don. The hottest month is July, sometimes the heat reaches thirty-five degrees. Among the most popular are the centrally located Gorky Park and Revolution Park.

He is the winner of the Cup of Russia. There are, however, plenty of nightclubs, hotels and restaurants, which cater to any taste and budget, including miles of kebab houses where you will find lamb and veal liver, chicken wings and pork chops, all flavoured with plenty of vegetables and sauces.

A variety of food options are available inside the zoo. Railway, Lenin, Kirov and Proletarian districts cover both the right and left banks of the Don. Transport Rostov on Don has its own airport with direct flights from Moscow.

Maxim Gorky Academic Drama Theatre Theatre in Rostov-on-Don Despite the name, this theatre is a venue not only for dramatic plays, but also comedies and concerts.

Sitting atop the water are floating drinking holes anchored on the riverbanks. Rostov-on-Don is divided into eight districts. The city occupies about square kilometers.

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Regional Museum Museum in Rostov-on-Don The centrepiece of the regional museum are the exhibits covering the 3rd century BC until the 4th century AD, when Greek trading colonies flourished at the mouth of the Don. Both feature a lot of greenery and a range of facilities, such as cafes, rides, sculptures, and fountains.

In January, a real winter with frosts, which reach minus thirty degrees Celsius. There are almost no residential buildings. Some will double as entertainers with displays of horseback stunt-riding.