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Datoteka vir datehookup, looking for itunes for mac or pc?

Your team have done a wonderful job — makes my work so much easier, especially to be able to convert directories of the hard drive to Outlook folders. Ian Todd A friend had suffered partial damage to the hard disk on a Vista equipped computer.

I wanted to import all my old saved emails into Outlook.

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In order to migrate everything to "iMail", I had to get all of my Incredimail saved in a format compatible with Outlook Your software was easy to use and seemed to work fine.

My Mac has indexed all these files with Spotlight - it was not automatically done but I managed to force it to do so. Thanks for your product, datoteka vir datehookup saved 10 years business email history. Unfortunately, it is against HTML-formatting so I moved on to Barca that in many ways was ideal for my purpose with one exception, it was unable under certain conditions to render my national character set Danish correctly.

Going over various forums your product and another was recommended. I moved to an older OS but a more sophisticated mail client.

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Your tool did an extremely good job, restoring, everything including attachments. My money well spend! The dbxconv converted 10, emails in just a few minutes and your program brought them into the correct file structure in Outlook in about 12 minutes. I wish you and the whole Outlook Import team a very joyful and successful year !

Dave Hansen All too frequently customer service and software don't mix. Conrad Tillman Your software saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

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I already had Microsoft Outlook and we discovered your program which addressed the email problem and did the job admirably. Thanks for saving my butt. Ignacio Gaxiola I had to use thunderbird portable for a couple of weeks as my principal computer was down.

Only after performing a clean install I found out that Windows mail and outlook express are no longer usable in Win 7. This program is brilliant, and costs so little. Before installing Windows 7, I understood the new operating system did not have any supporting email software built into it as did all previous Windows operating systems did, and thus required the use of a separate email software, Outlook, etc.

Your Outlook Import Wizard did the job perfectly.

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I am thus moving over the folders of email history from Entourage. I was successful and the Attorney was extremely happy with the turn around time. I'm sure, once more people realize this when they make the upgrade, you will be seeing more business.

Bruce Speidel I used it for a one-time event. It seemed like I was bypassing the main page to do the import.

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The cost of the program compared to the cost of my own time was a real time saver and the low price made it even more attractive Laura We had a. Once again thank you very much for your valuable support and exceptional reactivity! I had a thumb drive with the. Doug Due to an acquisition of my company, I am moving from using Entourage on the Mac to using Outlook again.

I am more than pleased to have selected this company.

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Thought the software was great, easy to use and most importantly did what it said it would do. All the messages were in. The product did everything I hoped it would, and I am most grateful for that. It works so good and fast was also a big asset to me. Everything I wanted to move from Thunderbird to Outlook except my address book went just as slick as could be.

Thank you for a really useful piece of software. I was able to split his files into 5 lots, and create 5 separate.

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This program exports the Incredimail format to. I am now ready for with a brand new Apple environment. When we get client emails produced to us natively as. I would like to thank you for your great program. I managed to export the OE folders into a msg file system, and your software took it from there.

I would gladly have paid a little more for the ability to import to a pst directly from an OE dbx hive, but I'm not complaining.

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Thanks to your software Joel My migration is now completed, thanks to your software. I had the same computer for years and had all my outlook emails saved on that computer.

Was using Windows Mail and we needed a method to transfer these emails over to Outlook So, I exported thunderbird's emails to. Ben Danilevski We have a hudge amount of eml and msg archives from our users stored at the backup server.