THE CHEF and HER KITCHEN: Davanagere Benne Dosa(DBD) from Karnataka!!!Family Food Friday#3 THE CHEF and HER KITCHEN: Davanagere Benne Dosa(DBD) from Karnataka!!!Family Food Friday#3

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The masala inside the dosa is unique, and a must-try for any dosa lover. Its surface is marked by attractively large holes, the result of perhaps a liberal hand with the soda as in baking; soda causes a release of carbon dioxide in the shape of bubbles, allowing the sayuri de baie online dating to expand.

The chutney was very very flavorful.

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Once when my S-I-L was soaking the ingredients for Set dosa batter he interfered and wanted to give a try to recreate DBD and they were really happy and satisfied with the first attempt itself and from then they followed the same recipe for DBD.

What makes DBD quite different from other dosas is the liberal usage of fresh and good quality white butter which makes the dosa extremely tasty and crispy.

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A process standardised to almost mechanical routine is responsible for the sublimity of this particular dosa. Revanasiddiah, who has run the hotel for nearly 20 years, tells me that the process begins daily at 8. Lubna pinged me in the morning and said that it flashed her mind last night suddenly what DBD stands for and yups she was also correct.

My brother keeps experimenting in kitchen and that is how even this DBD was created. Even while preparing this dish his job was to measure the ingredients and make the dosas, rest all things like cleaning,washing and grinding process was taken care by my S-I-L.

Repeated the same for last batch.

Recipes by Region

These places have become synonymous with these popular dishes. So I kept it for fermentation overnight. Skanda Dosa camp - Cambridge layout The best dosa place in and around Indiranagar. Head here and devour some buttery crispiness.

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I thank you all for responding to the guessing game I am overwhelmed with your response. But as expert as the town may be in the art of the dosa, getting to the origin of the Davangere Benne Dose is surprisingly difficult.

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Curiously, the chutney here is boiled, not fried with a tempering as is typical. Since that is not available here, I used idli rice. Though there are days we used to quarrel and not speak to each other for a few hours and with some fights lasting even a couple of days,ah!

Shiv Sagar serves one the most thinnest Paper Dosas in Bangalore.

Ravi's 'Benne-Dosa' from Davangere, Karnataka

Is there another place he recommends? The quantity was enough for 3 days for two of us. These dosas are not spread into large ones,they are of medium size,thick and crispy ones.

Vidyarthi Bhavan - Basavanagudi Image credit: Just the way we like it! These Dosas taste absolutely awesome with 3 different chutneys and various combos including noodles, corn, paneer, pavbhaji and more.

Davangere benne dosa in bangalore

Adigas - Various locations Image credit: Shiv Sagar, Commercial Street Image credit: The crisp, thin dosa is gone in minutes. Credit for that possibility goes not to an expanded appetite, but to the lightness and restraint in the benne dose served here.

I have never tried the original dosa from Davanagere but I have tried it N number of times in Bangalore in a Davanagere Benne Dosa outlet which is famous in that area for its traditional taste of Davanagere food.

Indraprastha, Vijayanagar Image credit: A Masala Dosa served with awesome chutney and a glass of coffee makes for an evening well spent. Featured on various media channels, this is a must-try in Koramangala and Indiranagar. Neha Mujumdar goes on a tasting tour while searching for an answer.

The potato masala served with DBD is of pale yellow color unlike the deep yellow potato palya of masala dosa and is quite plain but very flavorful. Since I did not have moggu, I used cloves. At our house he boasts that he is a super chef.