Is david henry really dating selena Is david henry really dating selena

David and selena dating, 07/06/2012

We'll know for sure when that's done. Jelena is no more. If he looks like he is flirting, he's a duchbag.

Selena and david dating

Yes, they are really dating Nope, they are siblings on the show. Who is David Henri dating? Are David Henrie and Selena Gomez going out?

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Anyway he and Selena would make a good couple!! Jblover says — reply to this 18 Yawn! Whoever she dates i don't care at all…i only care about jb. Since Selena Gomez was dating David Henrie who broke up with who?

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The successful singer is fresh from touring her platinum-selling album Revival and plans to release music later this year. It's the usual double standard when it comes to Justin.

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Just because they're pictured together and hanging out they're dating? Sorry I just said that! Are they more then friends? As for who is David Henrie - do your homework just because he doesn't crave the limelight like others doesn't mean he's not someone.

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Selena Gomez likes both of them as good friends. She is NOT dating any of them. Duh as a friend.

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The former costars had fun figuring out what's become of the Russo siblings The duo seemed to disagree about the fate of Selena's character Alex, however. In December, Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio revealed that she and Selena have already collaborated on new material for the star.

Hope my advice works!

Selena Gomez and David Henrie - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

He's off to Brazil in July and she starts a tour in August. I mean damn they've known each other since like Selena was dating David Henrie.

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But I like them together: He has like 15 children' explained the That's So Raven star. My opinion is no because there are other hot and sexy guys aroung. The starlet got the last word on the matter though, declaring 'She's killing the game' Miss Gomez certainly knows a thing or two about slaying.

Is selena dating david henre?


David was embarressed so he went into the gym to work out. She could flirt all she wants-it's ok. The pair then proceeded to talk about what their characters Alex and Justin Russo would be up to these days, agreeing that David's character has probably settled down: I saw his muscles and you didn't.

How could you not mention that is hawt Eduardo Verastegui to her right. David and Selena have been friends for a while.

David henrie and selena gomez –

As for JB he should enjoy his time 'at the top' and think about other such things as relationships when he has time and can truly commit! I don't understand where Eduardo Verastegui fits in??

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Share this article Share While shooting Selena's premiere Instagram story, David brags that her helped the Hotel Transylvania star start her Twitter account way back when: Selena Gomez and David Henrie dated briefly in I am really tired to hear about this girl.

It sold papers, got online hits.

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And they are huge. After their brake up, David dated Selena Gomez but it didn't last for to long as she quickly moved on to Justin Beiber.


They're just good friends. When did selena and David Henrie go out? The Kill Em With Kindness performer interrupts her former on-screen brother, saying: