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Will do or trade for Nintendo Switch. Whatever you wanna see drop down the comments. If not play the ds version that is the second best version. Also play the game no shit anyway you can. My guess funmiation reprinted this to build hype for the new Broly movie.

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So I bought a blue ray player today and I saw this in the movie section. Prilly Latuconsina n64dbag's Photos shared recently.

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The best game of all time according to me is Super Mario Do not ever play the PS1 or Steam version of this unless you want disappointment. I know the snes version is super expensive but it is worth it IMO.

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If you have any questions let me know. Has both English and Japanese tracks on it as well.

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The best soundtrack a video game could ever hope to have. By the time you do everything you are OP.

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I wish I could find more info about if they had the other movies released in these sweet 3 packs because I would totally get it.

If you got any questions let me know n64picoftheday n64gameoftheday nintendo nintendo64 n64 ninstagram igersnintendo worldofnintendo retro retrogaming retrocollective team1upem thelegendofzelda link zelda mario supermario game wiiu sony sega disney selfie famicom snes retrogaming pokemon nin10do nintendogamecube nintendoswitch n64dbag 55 2 Sold!

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Find all instagram photos and videos of n64dbag Instagram account Apparently this was released back in I never saw it before and it has all 3 Broly movies on it. I bought this mainly because it is in the correct aspect ratio, 4x3.

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Upgrading x is cool and you going around messing up the stages make you feel like a bad ass. Of course the games that are blacked out are sold.

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Not as good as mother 3 but great for standards for sure. Would be ok doing it as a lot or selling individually. This is a game regardless you absolutely need to play.

I recently got mario rpg for my classic snes set. Looked on amazon and apparently it goes for 90 bucks. For the better part of a decade after this game came out, games tried to be just like it. I will not lie for the fact nostalgia is the reason this is number 1.

So would you like to see redone pics?

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If you got a problem with that just switch Chrono trigger and this game around. Also took these while wearing my patriots hat like a bad ass.

There is a reason this was on the snes classic. Only flaw is the very small writing on Kirby Game is pretty easy, I wish there was a hard mode to the game.

Got these classic n64 games for sale. This is time travel done right instead of that dragon ball super shit.

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