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De aeternitate considerations when dating. De aeternitate mundi contra murmurantes.

The considerations of Drexelius upon eternitie

It is said that his voice was strong enough to be heard in every corner of the church and that his sermons flirts without trying meaning of dreams such that an hour would seem like a few minutes.

Inde patet quod secundum hanc expositionem non ponitur aliquis ordo ejus quod factum est ad nihil, quasi oportuerit prius quod factum est, nihil fuisse, et postmodum aliquid esse. Et similia verba dicit in 11 lib. Si autem non est repugnantia intellectuum, non solum non est falsum, sed etiam est impossibile aliter esse, et erroneum, si aliter dicatur.

Furthermore, it has not yet been demonstrated that God cannot cause an infinite number of things to exist simultaneously.

De aeternitate considerationes. English. 1636

Ergo non repugnat intellectui, si ponatur causa producens effectum suum subito non praecedere duratione causatum suum. Secundum igitur hunc sensum, si intelligatur quod supra conclusum est, quia praeter summam essentiam cuncta quae sunt ab eadem, ex nihilo facta sunt, id est, non ex aliquo: The Dominicans and Franciscans found themselves allied against the Latin Averroists or Radical Aristotelians on such issues as the unicity of the intellect and the assertion of the world's eternity in the sense that is was not created.

The first premise is proved inductively from all instantaneous changes, as, for example, with illumination and other such things. Et praeterea adhuc non est demonstratum, quod Deus non possit facere ut sint infinita actu.

Nevertheless, if we allow that God can make such de aeternitate considerations when dating come to be, the position is not heretical, though I believe it is false, just as the proposition that the past did not occur is false, about which Augustine says XXVI Contra Faustum cap. Si se oponen, no puede ser sino por uno de dos, o por ambos: Unde patet quod etiam non sequitur quod quidam objiciunt, scilicet quod creatura aequaretur Deo in duratione; et quod per hunc modum dicatur, quod nullo modo potest esse aliquid coaeternum Deo, quia nihil scilicet potest esse immutabile nisi solus Deus; quod patet per hoc quod dicit Augustinus, 12 de Civit.

The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history. Ergo illi qui tam subtiliter eam percipiunt, soli sunt homines, et cum eis oritur sapientia.

Miller [[2]] Let us assume, in accordance with the Catholic faith, that the world had a beginning in time. This text is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book.

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In this, therefore, the entire question consists: Queda por tanto averiguar si es posible que sea hecho algo que exista siempre. He returned to Paris some time between and to study theology and in became magister theologiae.

Si autem intelligatur aliquid semper fuisse, et tamen causatum a Deo secundum totum quod in eo est: Likewise, they say, the world and the gods in it have always existed, just as he who made them always existed; yet nevertheless, they were made.

Si enim repugnant, hoc non est nisi propter alterum duorum, vel propter utrumque: His writings on the eternal truth, the virtues and the Christian exemplar were popular; hundreds of thousands of copies of his works were printed. During this tumultuous time Pecham met, and probably discussed his inception with Thomas, and his position on the eternity of the world can be compared to the treatment of the topic found in the writings of St.

Therefore, if we understand "being made" or "being caused" as implying the pre-existence of a passive potentiality, then it should to be conceded, according to faith, that something caused cannot always exist, for it would then follow that a passive potentiality has always existed, and this is heretical.

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At his time Philo was in relation to the highest spheres of political and intellectual life in Rome. Philo the Jew was a contemporary of Christ.

In the Leonine Edition, Aquinas does not quote the predicate of the independent clause; it does appear in the Parma Edition, and I have chosen to supply it.

Voluntas volenti nihil minuit de virtute ejus, et praecipue in Deo. But he is a liberal Rabbi, very open to Hellenistic culture and thereby on the opposite pole of the sectarian particularism of Palestinian circles.

Tamen ex hoc non sequitur quod Deus non possit facere ut fiat semper aliquod ens. Aliud enim est per interminabilem duci vitam, quod mundo Plato tribuit; aliud interminabilis vitae totam pariter complexam esse praesentiam, quod divinae mentis proprium esse manifestum est".

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For, if "eternal" be understood in this sense, nothing can in any way be coeternal with God, for nothing but God is immutable. But this argument is not to the point, for God could have made the world without making men or creatures with souls, or he could have made men when in fact he did make them, even if he had made the rest of the world from eternity.

Videndum est ergo utrum in his duobus sit repugnantia intellectuum, quod aliquid sit causatum a Deo, et tamen semper fuerit. But in an instantaneous action, the beginning and the end of the action are simultaneous, indeed identical, as is clear in the case of all indivisible things.

Imagine, they say, a foot that has been in dust since eternity: A creature does not have being, however, except from another, for, considered in itself, every creature is nothing, and thus, with respect to the creature, non-being is prior to being by nature.

However, if there is no contradiction involved, then it is neither false nor impossible that God could have made something that has always existed, and it will be an error to say otherwise. However, a dramatic turn took place on January 24th, 41, when Chaereas assassinated Caligula.

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Ergo causatum ejus semper potest poni, eo posito; et ita non est necessarium quod duratione praecedat. Further, let us even suppose that the preposition "out of" imports some affirmative order of non-being to being, as if the proposition that the creature is made out of nothing meant that the creature is made after nothing.

Rather, it suffices that non-being be prior to being by nature. Pues como a la omnipotencia de Dios pertenece el exceder toda inteligencia y poder, deroga expresamente la omnipotencia el que dice que algo puede ser entendido en las creaturas, que no puede ser hecho por Dios.

His synagogue gatherings were assimilated to lectures given by Greek philosophers. But since a passive potentiality need not precede in time whatever God may make, it does not follow that God could not have made something that has always existed.

It is certainly the Zenith of Philo's Career.

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Nevertheless, God was able to make the angel, and he was able to cause the angel to be made, for God made it, and it was made. Tamen manifestum est quod non potest facere ut hoc fiat, quia positio qua ponitur esse, destruit se ipsam.

The two Orders disagreed, however, on the truth of other Aristotelian theses such as the unicity of substantial form and the demonstrability of the world's having a beginning in time.

Ac per hoc etiam si immortalitas angelorum non transit in tempore, nec praeterita est quasi jam non sit, nec futura quasi nondum sit; tamen eorum motus, quibus tempora peraguntur in futuro, in praeteritum transeunt 2.

In regard to the second, someone may hold that something that has always existed cannot be made because such a thing is self-contradictory, just as an affirmation and a denial cannot be made simultaneously true.

Y que no se oponen, se muestra de esta manera: