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Debian rules dating, [weechat-cvs] weechat/debian rules

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But because the PIE flags emitted get injected via gcc specs files, it should always be safe to unconditionally set them regardless of the object type being compiled or linked. It gets automatically disabled if either the address or the thread features are enabled, as they imply it.

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It's meant for any user that wants to rebuild the source package with different build flags. Note that older versions of dpkg-buildpackage before dpkg 1. Apparently, something is blatantly wrong with our package, because the package checker lintian reports an debian rules dating.

Libravatar module for Python 2 Module to make use of the federated Libravatar. Since PGP signatures are available on the upstream download pageit's possible to instruct uscan to check signatures before downloading tarballs.

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Output can be written to a makefile fragment and bajrang bali locket online dating using an include directive.

If you ignore the slight boilerplate, the recipe is quite similar to what you would have done with fpm: The extra complexity is a bit unfortunate but systemd integration was not part of debhelper.

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Writing a correct script for the System-V init is error-prone. We pass in the options -us -uc to turn off the package signing step. Another common usage scv dating to use Debian- as a prefix.

1 Version numbers based on dates

Exits with 0 if the flag is known otherwise exits with 1. Rolling your own Debian packages part 2 Posted by bdf on Sat 21 Jan at Instead, you let dh, a component of debhelper, do most of the work.

There's not much to see and that's because most of its content is automatically added by debhelper. Feel free to skip it.

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If you take a debian rules dating at the node-libravatar packaging repository you will see that it contains three branches: It is not difficult to see why: This is especially useful for old, crufty code.

More advanced testing of packages can be done using pbuilder. Use all exclusively if the package contains only arch-independent files.

Except as noted below, these are enabled by default for architectures that support them. This feature has the same requirements as stackprotector, and in addition also requires gcc 4. Bruno De Fraine Description: You could use cp in your build recipe, but you can also declare them: If the format value is not given, sh is assumed.

It only contains a single value though, any co-maintainers will be listed under the optional Uploaders field. This is what controls how the package is built.

What is rule file in debian/rules

The origin can be one of the following values: We finally obtain the desired Debian package, both in source and binary form: This is probably the most important file since it contains the bulk of the metadata about this package.

As the svnyoungest program uses functionality from the APR and svn libraries, I added their development packages. In this particular example, they are both the same and there is only one of each, however this is not always the case, as we'll see later.

A space is prepended to the appended value if the flag's current value is non-empty.

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The two variables will be substituted later by debhelper. The user could still own some files.

Re: debian/rules problem while creating multiple packages from Source

Add here commands to clean up after the build process. Therefore, I usually prefer to provide a native configuration file for the default init system of the targeted distribution Upstart and systemd. This highlights the fact that a given upstream source can be split into several binary packages in the archive when it makes sense.

Looking at that upstream Makefileit becomes clear that the files will need to be installed manually by the Debian package since that Makefile doesn't have an install target. It is provided to allow mistakes in the version numbers of older versions of a package, and also a package's previous version numbering schemes, to be left behind.

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SET flag value Override the flag named flag to have the value value. The warnings are fatal. The source code is provided with a Makefile no configure script though that accepts these standard targets: So in this case, we need to invoke make distclean.

Pragmatic Debian packaging

If you want to export all buildflags into the environment where they can be picked up by your build system: For other build systems, or when you need more fine-grained control about which flags are passed where, you can use --get. If you need to update it for a subsequent releases, I recommend using the debchange helper also from the devscripts packagesince the file format is rather stringent.

The flag values are quoted in shell syntax. The output is in RFC format, with one section per feature. I chose to delete both of them, respectively because my original source already contains a README document, and because I don't have additional Debian-specific remarks.

Other than that, I only had to provide a description text for the package. Although the target clean does not produce an error, there is a small mismatch to be aware of: The strings are compared from left to right.