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A plot of parent vs daughter activity would show that in this case, the two activities do not track each other but diverge from each other with time. When we make these simplifying assumptions and express the equation in terms of activity, we get the equation shown decroissance radioactive simulation dating the slide above.

For example, if the half-life of the parent is than that of the decay product, transient equilibrium occurs. The instantaneous rate of change of Y is made up of two terms: The equation for transient equilibrium shown on slides is valid when the two decay curves are parallel.

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This is a principal cause of exposure and concern from U mill tailings piles, since inhalation of Rn has been linked with lung cancer. If there were some Y ending 1 de eyeshield 21 latino dating present, then a second term would be added to this equation to account for it.

This equation describes this situation mathematically and allows calculation of the time at which the maximum decay product activity occurs.

There is no precise definition of how much longer the parent half-life must be relative to the half-life of the daughter product.

Télécharger courbe de decroissance radioactive

This does not change the value of the equation. These two terms are in fact the instantaneous activities of the two radionuclides. If the transient equilibrium equation from slide 19 is used, the result is about 74 mCi of Tcm.

Beginning with zero activity, the activity of the decay product becomes equal to the activity of the parent within 7 or so half-lives of the decay product.

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For example, in a uranium mill tailings pile, which initially has Ra but essentially no Rn, the activity of Rn in the pile will reach that of the Ra within about 30 days!

AY t is the activity of Y at any time t and Asr is the initial activity of Sr Note that since the half-life of Sr is so long compared with the half-life of Y, for all practical purposes the initial activity of Sr remains a constant over the time period of interest.

Since the half-life of Sr is more than times that of Y, this will turn out to be an example of secular equilibrium. The total activity of the sample is the sum of the activities of the parent and decay product.

However, as shown by the curve, the activity of the decay product can never be higher than the initial activity of its parent. This is a characteristic of secular equilibrium.

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The case of no equilibrium is of less interest from a health physics standpoint relative to secular and transient but we should still be aware of it, since such radionuclides can contribute to exposure. It does not apply when the daughter activity is increasing nor when the daughter activity is maximum.

The result is an expression for the value of the Y activity at any time t, based on decay of Sr It should be noted that the general equation will always provide a rigorous solution to any series decay situation and could of course be used instead of the above equation.

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This will be more readily seen when the plot of the decay curves is shown in a few slides. Also, with the passing of time, the first exponential term is very close to 1.

This graph shows an example of transient equilibrium, starting with zero initial amount of the decay product I Note that I reaches a maximum activity, after which it appears to decay with the half-life of the parent Te The two activities track each other and are not equal but rather are in a constant ratio to each other.

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In this case, the parent decay constant is very small compared to that of the decay product and can be ignored. This occurs when a very long half-life parent decays to a relatively short half-life decay product.

Please do not forget this fact.

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It does show up elsewhere in the nuclear industry e. This slide shows that not all Mo decays produce Tcm. Note that this equation is expressed in terms of number of atoms of Y at any time t, assuming that there is no Y initially present.

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The direct decays to Tc are wasted, as far as this problem is concerned. All terms are as defined previously.

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However, secular equilibrium can be attained if the parent half-life is at least times greater than that of the decay product. Sr decays by beta emission to Y, which also decays by beta emission to Zr So this represents a secular equilibrium situation.

It works in all equilibrium situations, including secular and transient. Note that surprisingly enough, the activity of the decay product I is actually greater than that of its parent Te!