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This article focuses on the institutional, economic, social, and international causes of democratic consolidation as distinct from democratization. The way in which to measure and define consolidation, therefore, is debated by scholars in the field.

For elementos paralinguistics yahoo dating State like ours, the question of consolidating democracy is very close to our hearts.

Meanwhile, the role of civil society is as ambiguous in consolidation as it is in define consolidating democracy. The promotion of a culture of tolerance is vital for consolidating democracy and for preventing ethnic conflicts.

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Time is an especially important component of many empirical works that seek to explain regime endurance. There is now a basis for ensuring the security of the population, guaranteeing define consolidating democracy political participation and consolidating democracy.

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This article concludes with an overview of literature on deconsolidation, which challenges the notion that democratic consolidation is irreversible. Suggest an example Results: Paradoxically, however, long-lasting democracies do not seem to be immune from a degradation in the quality of their democracy.

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The particular situation of women in countries and regions undergoing transition and consolidating democracy was highlighted. We have initiated numerous plans and programmes with the express intention of consolidating democracy in the country.

Reconstruction should have a strong focus on promoting the conditions for the return of refugees, consolidating democracy and developing free-market economies. It is the hope of the European Union that the new parliament will play a leading role in this process of consolidating democracy in Yemen.

On one the hand, when democracy becomes routinized, institutionalized, and normalized, acting outside or in violation of democratic norms is both unappealing and disadvantageous for politicians and other political actors.

The process of consolidating democracy in the region requires us to continue to establish more efficient political systems.

Consolidating Democracy

For example, although there is no consensus on whether economic growth and prospects for democratization are positively linked, scholars generally agree that economic growth contributes to democratic consolidation. We welcome the progress achieved by the United Nations in promoting and consolidating democracy.

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Despite that, African countries have taken major measures at the national level as a basis for consolidating democracy. It is our desire that as many observers as possible should participate in this process, which is aimed at consolidating democracy.

Another area of international law which needed clarification was that of the ways and means of consolidating democracy and promoting comprehensive development.

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On the other hand, equating consolidation with endurance may strike some scholars and students as a descriptive tautology; consolidated democracies are those that survive, and surviving democracies are those that are consolidated. The previous Conferences have been instrumental in elaborating principles and goals in promoting and consolidating democracy, nationally, regionally and internationally.

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For such States, creating or rebuilding civil society is a crucial long-term commitment and it is essential to establishing and consolidating democracy. Substantial economic and financial assistance is the prerequisite for achieving social harmony and consolidating democracy.

I will take this opportunity to share with the global community some of our recent experiences in consolidating democracy. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

Democratic consolidation

Cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations could also make a remarkable contribution to the process of consolidating democracy. The task of promoting and consolidating democracy cannot be undertaken by any Government alone.

Such measures, in our view, are consistent with the objective of re-establishing constitutional order and consolidating democracy in Haiti.