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The Spaniards gave the name of Valladolid and has since been a city of great importance in the political and economic history.

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This beautiful baroque building with classical decorations was built between and His architecture projects an air of optimism, lightness and joy, and is infused with both a sense of uniqueness and universality Old mining town founded insplendorous period of the gold mines in the region.

The city of Cuzco, founded inis the oldest in the Western Hemisphere.

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Ancient Inca palaces and squares full of history, in every corner you discover the remains of the rich past of Cuzco and its vibrant present.

Belongs to the architecturally baroque sillar dominant in its construction. Here Mokarta palace built by Don Martin Fardella favoring a classical approach with elements of baroque mannerist tradition.

The cultural offer is one of the richest in the whole country.

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This search would be one of the foremost themes of this century. It is the first Baroque temple in Jaen with wreathed columns.

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It has a distinctive European flavor, with hundreds of cobbled streets up and down the slopes. Zaragoza as well includes important buildings of Spanish baroque. Cantatas de Handel y antes un concierto barroco.

It is located in the Andean mountains at the foot of the volcano Pichincha m above sea level.

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I hope that when visitors move from one hall to the next they experience a Baroque space. Conceptually I want the building to come up from the land like a spring and to grow.

Colonia del Sacramento is the only city founded by the Portuguese on the coasts of the Rio de la Plata.

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Templo de Tonantzintla, decorado barroco con sabor nativo. Visitors can experience light that literally falls from the sky. The geometry of the building that leads to fluid spaces with small patios of light and exhibition halls produces the development of the dialogue between nature and people.

It became one of the most important trading ports in Central America, condition that gave the city the most varied Moorish and Andalusian influences. The type of light that enters varies as a function of the needs of the halls on either side.

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It is an art driven by feelings, an experience to be lived. This is one of the greatest Baroque art monuments in Catalonia. Eighteenth-century mansion, is one of the oldest architectural monuments and important Baroque Arequipa.

Morelia, Michoacan Which one is your favorite?

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Un enfoque hacia el barroco, el neoclasicismo y las nuevas tendencias. Built in a mountainous region considered the most beautiful in the world, Cuzco is one of the most impressive Peruvian cities, both for its history and its rich mix of Inca and colonial architecture. One of the most important colonial cities in Mexico.

Founded init is the oldest city in Nicaragua and one of the oldest in the Americas. Leaving aside other historical considerations, the merger of the legacy of the pre-hispanic culture with the European influence has given them a charming style difficult to forget.

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The work done in preserving its colonial identity is fascinating: From a social perspective, this art style grew to be enjoyed by the elites and the masses alike.

This church is an example of baroque Spanish and includes elements that give the Andean monument mestizo character.

Visitors find the path to the next hall by means of the portals of light, so that viewers not lose their way on their visit.