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Del shannon little town flirt vinyl replacement, text and chords

I love them, especially the one with the brunette short bob cut hair dancing next to Del at the outer corner. I consider them jewels, anyway.

Although classified at times as a teen idol, he favored brooding themes of abandonment, loss, and rejection. C Am Here she comes, just look at that style. Still working on it, though odd years later!

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Sessions with Jeff Lynne and Dave Edmunds in the '70s didn't amount to much, but an early-'80s album produced by Tom Petty and featuring members of the Heartbreakers as backing musicians got him into the Top 40 again with a cover of "Sea of Love.

C Am You better run and hide now boy. We lost him way too early. Shannon had intermittent minor hits over the next couple of years "Little Town Flirt" was the biggestbut was even more successful in England, where he was huge.

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But I like a lot these fatakada online dating videos: On one of his European tours inhe played some shows with the Beatles, who had just scored their first big British hits. F G7 You're falling for her, and you're gonna get hurt.

D G7 G That's when she'll let you go G7 C You think this time she'll be sincere. Shannon, impressed by what he heard, would become the first American artist to cover a Beatles song when he recorded "From Me to You" for a single although it would give him only a very small hit.

Little Town Flirt Lyrics

C Am But you can get hurt, hur-hur-hurt. E E7 Yeah, I know it's so hard to resist, F the temptation of her tender red lips. E E7 Yeah, I know she's gonna treat you wrong, F so your heart just had better be strong, C Am cause you can get hurt, hur, hur, hurt. Del got into the Top Ten with a late single, "Keep Searchin'," that was one of his best and hardest-rocking outings.

Del Shannon - Little Town Flirt mp3

A switch to a bigger label Liberty didn't bring the expected commercial results, although he was continuing to release quality singles. Am C Am Yeah, you can get hur, hur, hur, hur, hurt. E But you'll think you got a paper heart, F when she starts to tear it apart.

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Unfortunately he was around at the wrong time. C Am Cause you can get hurt, hur, hur, hurt. Far to young to die, but his music will live on forever. This type of singers have passion compared with todays trash music. In fact, Shannon was able to keep going strong for a year or two into the British Invasion, and never stopped trying to play original music, though his commercial prospects pretty much died after the mid-'60s.

Mason Thanks you fntime.

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C Am You better pass her by now, yeah, boy. E E7 But I know she's gonna treat you wrong, F so your heart just had better be strong. Did anybody know more about them?

C Am C You better run away now, yeah, let her go Even most of the TV stuff was "canned" because the sets were mostly bigass warehouses with multiple shows being taped some, or even a lot, times.

F G7 She's looking at you, giving you that smile. Part of the problem was that some of these were a bit too eager to recycle some of his stock minor-keyed riffs, as good as his prototype was. But after the similar "Stranger in Town" number 30,he wouldn't enter the Top 40 again for nearly a couple of decades.

Little Town Flirt

Only Elvis and perhaps Roy Orbison managed to buck this trend. I listen to their songs almost every day Mason In reply to D. I wonder if the gals in the sailors hats dancing in the videos are the original background singers, who it is said below are 'The Young Sisters'?

Grew up as a kid with Del Shannon on the radio. By the late '60s, Shannon was devoting much of his energy to producing other artists, most notably Smith and Brian Hyland.

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Was 4 years old when this came out. F G7 C Fooling around Fade A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. From onwards everyone was obsessed with The Beatles and the so called British invasion.

E F I know how you feel, you think her love is real.

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In some respects he looked forward to the British Invasion with his frequent use of minor chords and his ability to write most of his own material. Much to Shannon's frustration, Liberty decided not to release the album that resulted from the collaboration some of the material appeared on singles, and much of the rest of the sessions would eventually be issued for the collector market.

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Many great American artists struggled during this period, many simply faded away. Would have sounded awful.

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The chords would form the basis for his debut single, "Runaway," one of the greatest hits of the early '60s, with its unforgettable riffs, Shannon's amazing vocal range which often glided off into a powerful falsettoand the creepy, futuristic organ solo in the middle.

C Am Here she comes, with that look in her eye. F G7 She plays around, with every guy that goes by.

Del shannon - little town flirt lyrics

Shannon was a perennially popular artist on the oldies circuit particularly in Europe, where he had an especially devoted audienceand was always up for a comeback attempt on record. Would be great to have the video in better quality, but love it anyway!

The show replaced American Bandstand which became a once a week show on Saturday. Mason I love this song and video.


Sure would be great to know where they are in life now. C Am Here she comes, that little town flirt.

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What sweet class and style!