Setting Up Your Docking Station - Dell Latitude ST Manual Setting Up Your Docking Station - Dell Latitude ST Manual

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Yes - I can believe you were in desktop support Turn on the computer by pressing the laptop's power button. And the sarcasm on the gaming rig I a really done with you This is actually excellent advice especially if you get the company to at least give you a computer to use at home.

The computer has a built-in restore service that wipes the hard drive clean and resets all of the laptop's settings and software programs to its original factory defaults.

Technicians are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Warning Restoring your Latitude D will delete all of the files on your computer. Cheers I was mindful dating elephant journal elephant desktop support for a large corporation, and that IS what we would do.

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Most people who work at home do NOT need a laptop; This saves the company tons and tons of money by redeploying older computers instead of laptops.

Cheers Feb 20,5: Use your keyboard's arrow keys to scroll down to "Repair Your Computer.

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The workhorse computer is needed in the office, not at the user's home. Choose a language from the next list and select "Next.

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There will be no way to revert this restoration process. You may wish to run the restore process if your programs and files become corrupted or if you plan to give the laptop to someone else.

I was in desktop support for a large corporation, and that IS what we would do. Tip Contact Dell's technical support line at if you need assistance during the restore process.

FFS - be realistic. Alternatively, press and hold the Latitude's power button, located on the top edge of the laptop's keyboard.

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So they tend to keep stuff locally on laptop Click "Next" and select the option for reformatting the hard drive and restoring the factory condition of the laptop.

If you pressed it in time, a list of text options will appear on the screen.

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Why buy a computer when you get to use a work one for free? Why people in big corps have laptops? If you need to work home use remote software.

Shut down the Dell Latitude D if it's currently powered on. How to Restore a Dell Latitude D to Factory Settings Joshua Duvauchelle Dell designed the Latitude D with the high-performance mobile user in mind, giving the laptop a bigger screen, faster processor and longer-lasting battery than its Latitude predecessors.

Leave the laptop at work and buy a desktop for home.

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Backup anything you wish to keep before initiating the restore process. This process may take several minutes. Click "Start" in the left-hand corner of the screen to access Windows' shut down options.

Press and hold "F8" on the top of the laptop's keyboard immediately after turning the computer on. Cheers Feb 20,6: I really cant be bothered to explain If the Windows logo appears on the screen, you're too late and must repeat Steps 1 through 3 again.

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Press "Dell Factory Image Restore. You don't need a gaming rig; You just need a pc that is able to connect to the Internet and then VPN.

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Most of the computing can be done by the computer that is in the office building, and not the one that is at your home.