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A long black coat, I must now wear.

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G Treuer Husar blau gelb" in Olms, Hildesheimpp. Volkslieder aus der badischen Pfalz.

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It must be six of soldiers brave, To carry my love to her grave. Sechs Bauernbuben die sind so schwer. And when the youth received the news, That his dear love, her life may lose, He left his place and all he had, To see his love, went this young lad It is unclear whether Frantzen did cite an existing tune, or whether the march was completely composed by himself.

While the first verses are largely the same in most versions, there are strong deviations in the later verses. Which version of the text served as the model to Frantzen is not known. Paul Frank, Wilhelm Altmann: Sick unto death, she no one heard.

Since this version obviously has not been published, the exact wording and the correspondence with later versions can not currently be verified.

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Let me go to the cool esspapier meet singles. This youth to foreign land did roam, While his true love, fell ill at home.

With me it will soon be in the grave. Three days and nights she spoke no word. Mohr und Zimmer, Heidelbergpp.

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Oh quick, oh quick, bring light to me, Else my love dies, no one will see The march was allegedly composed on the occasion of establishing the Cologne Carnival society "K. The tune does not match any of the melodies published in the 19th century.

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In Achim von Arnim and Clemens Brentano in the third volume of their collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn published a version of the text under the title "Die gute Sieben" The good seven.

Since nowadays almost always only the first verse — usually in a happy mood drinking — is sung in Germany, the sad love story is usually not perceived.

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This version is supposedly the oldest ever. Niemeyer, Hallepp. Oh Mother, bring forth a light, My darling dies, I do not see, That was indeed a faithful hussar, He loves his girl a whole year.

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Pallbearers we need two times three, Six farmhands they are so heavy. Content[ edit ] The ballad is about a soldier or — depending on the version of the text — young boy who is separated from his beloved one, and is only allowed to return to her when she is already mortally ill.

And when he came to the heart, Very softly, she gave him her hand, The whole hand and much more, Love never came to an end.

Enslin, Berlinpp. Where do I get six young boys, My dearly beloved? The editors of the Wunderhorn also received two entries referring to a "brave soldier", which were not used for the Wunderhorn version though.

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And when the maid had died, Then he puts on the funeral. A sorrow great, is what I bear.

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Was machst du hier im Bett allein? The note in a sheet music issue of original publisher states: What are you doing alone in bed? Wo krieg ich nun sechs junge Knab'n, Die mein Herzlieb zu Grabe trag'n? A sorrow great and so much more, My grief it will end nevermore.