Diagnosis Murder (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Diagnosis Murder (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Reunion With Murder A tell-all book written by one of Amanda's vindictive old college roommates contains embarrassing secrets pertaining to all four roommates. My Four Husbands A famous actress, a patient at Community General, is implicated in the murder of one of her four ex-husbands.

The Pressure To Murder Amanda's cousin falls to his death when his motorcycle suddenly veers off the road. Sloan's birthday is less than festive when he discovers the body of a prominent divorce lawyer in the hospital pharmacy. An Innocent Murder Mark Sloan encounters a devious daughter.

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Standing Eight Count A newly crowned boxing champion is found murdered shortly after winning the title. Sloan is drawn into a murder pact by a psychiatrist in need of money.

Sloan loses his detached perspective of the case when the killer begins calling diagnosis murder retribution online dating. Part 1 Jesse is arrested and charged with murder after a doctor testifying against him in a malpractice suit is poisoned.

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Murder By Friendly Fire One police officer is accidentally shot by another during a raid gone wrong. Senator's scheming advisor covers up the accidental death of his drug-addicted daughter.

Sister Michael Wants You Dr. Sloan investigates a free health clinic after several homeless people turn up dead Part 2 Amanda and Ben investigate the murder of Eric Spindler while Jesse continues to languish in jail.

Murder On Thin Ice A figure skater's ex-coach attacks a rival skater and then is found dead, murdered with her skates. A Candidate Murder A U. Bella Lugosi Blues Mark entertains unorthodox theories when several dead bodies are found drained of blood with puncture marks on their necks.

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An Explosive Murder A young undercover detective investigates a militia-type organization to solve a terrorist bombing witnessed by Mark. Murder At The Telethon When the comedian hosting a hospital benefit is found dead, many of the man's acquaintances appear to have had a motive for his murder.

Sloan becomes the executor of his friend's estate after the man's body is found in a shark. Murder Can Be Murder A respected cardiologist murders an innocent man in an insurance scam. Part 2 Realizing that he's been duped, Mark goes all out to thwart a murderer's plans.

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Naked Babes A friend of Amanda's gives birth to quadruplets and then vanishes, leaving the gang scrambling over what to do about the four babies and their missing mother. Broadcast Blues A convict being treated at Community General Hospital takes a hostage and demands news coverage.

Sloan goes undercover at a convent when mysterious circumstances surround a murder.

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Witness To Murder Dr. Murder In The Family Mark's daughter returns after eight years, leaving an abusive husband who later turns up dead. Sloan the wrong set of photographs, he becomes embroiled in the murder investigation of an escort girl. The New Healers When an unpopular actor on a hot new medical drama suddenly dies, Mark suspects everyone from the writer to other cast members.

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In Defense Of Murder When a famous prostitute writes a tell-all book, an executive's job at Community General is in serious jeopardy. Part 1 A man wrongfully convicted of murder takes Dr. Sloan looks after a young girl found at the scene of a murder while Steve and Jesse work on tracking down the killer.

Guardian Angel An unhappy politician's wife guns down her husband in an underground garage. The musician's pregnant wife, who claims to be carrying an alien's child, complicates matters.

Shaker When a friend of Dr.

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Murder By The Busload A bus accident brings multiple victims into the hospital. A Model Murder Dr. Miracle Cure A priest kills his would-be blackmailers and does everything he can to cover his tracks.

Part 1 A plastic surgeon dies from an overdose of laughing gas Sloan suspects a cunning D.

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