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Pre-load the sub-gear assemblies Refer to figure 4. Install the odd bank camshaft s into the cylinder head. Align the left bank idler shaft marks Refer to figure 3. Do not use a liquid gasket material on the idler retaining cover.

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Tighten the bolt to lock the sub-gear in place. However, pay close attention when installing the caps on the odd bank cylinders.

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Repeat Steps for even bank cylinders. After cylinder head servicing as outlined in the appropriate Workshop manual, proceed to the following steps. Otherwise, continue with Step 22 for timing belt servicing procedures.

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The camshaft journal caps are numbered to prevent mis-match mg. Also, do not remove the 5mm bolt holding the sub-gear, until the camshaft journal caps are installed and the bolts are torqued.

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Use special J-tool to pre-load the sub gear assembly. Be sure to lubricate the 0-ring prior to installation. There is a 0.

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Install the idler cover and torque 10 Nm, 8 lb ft the 6 mm bolts 6. Align the right bank idler shaft alignment marks.

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The camshaft journal caps are numbered to prevent mis-matching. Place a small amount of RTV sealer on the head surface where the cap contacts the head surface. The single dot on the camshaft gears must be aligned with their corresponding marks on the idler gear. Due to the gear-ratio used by each camshaft pulley to drive the camshafts, engine timing cannot be indexed conventionally.

Always replace the retaining cover with a new 0-ring. Install the even bank camshafts and pre-lube the cam lobes using a suitable molybdenum assembly grease Refer to figure 5.

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Always inspect this hole for obstruction. When the sub gear is pre loaded, the teeth on the sub gear should be aligned with the teeth on the camshaft gear. However, pay close attention when installing the caps on the even bank cylinders, because the cap arrows will face the rear of the cylinder head.

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Install the camshaft journal retaining caps and torque 10 Nm, 8 lb ft. Once the sub-gear has been pre-loaded, install the 5 mm bolt supplied with the tool and insert it into the camshaft from the back of the camshaft gear assembly.

Lubricate and install the idler gear.

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Use special J-tool J Inspect the idler gear retaining cover for wear. Align the idler gear dowel pin to its corresponding mark on the idler gear retaining cover before installing the camshafts 7.