DIRECTV Wireless Cinema Connection Kit - PDF DIRECTV Wireless Cinema Connection Kit - PDF

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I have a Directv cinema kit and wireless headphones. The activity button on the box is...

Follow the steps below to complete your wireless setup. Setting up WPS will be covered later in the module. Drill two pilot holes 26mm about 1.

Prior to the actual setup, there are several questions to ask the customer to assist with your installation Where is the wireless router? Wall mount the unit directly on the screws.

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Installed with Coax when Ethernet connection should have been used Resolution: At the end of this module, the instructions for the customer to install a wall mount are included. Installed with Ethernet when Coax connection should have directv cinema kit hookuploop used Resolution: Two M4 x 20mm pan head screws thread type: If you used WPS to automatically set up your wireless connection, go to the Completing the Setup section.

The LED is off when proper power is not supplied or the device is faulty. What additional questions do you have before we finish for today? Verify a valid Internet connection via the wireless router and computer.

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You can no longer see the playlist. For horizontal orientation, the two pilot holes must be level and spaced 70mm about 2. If the router is not WPS capable, skip the next three steps.


If the LEDs do not light up, go the Troubleshooting section. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: The security key was created when you or the customer set up the wireless router. Power Power supply connection.

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It flashes when data best free sugar momma dating sites being transmitted through the CCK-W. This training will cover what the W-DCCK is, and how it will simplify the connections in a customer s home.

A steady green flash indicates the wireless system is in pairing mode. Then select Continue a.

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Technology information released after January may not be included in the material. All Other Receiver Models: Within 60 seconds, the TV should present a screen that prompts you to configure your wireless device.

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The LED is off when no wireless connection is established. Is there any security on it, and if so, what is the Key? When the light is steady green, it means a good MoCA coax network is established with full bandwidth. Perform one of the following steps: On the next few pages, we will take a closer look at what these things mean, and how they apply to you.

Place the screw expansion anchors into the drilled holes drive the screws through the baseplate and fasten to the wall mount the unit to the baseplate properly. Plug the other end of the power adapter into a surge protector or an electrical outlet recommended.

Wait until the security key is verified.

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To proceed, select Continue. This indicates the WPS button on the back of the device has been pressed to establish automatic pairing with a wireless router. Shift the baseplate to the left to tighten onto the unit as shown in Figure 3.

DirecTV Cinema Connection Kit

System selects the best hardware based on existing customer equipment. Connecting the Cinema Connection Kit 1. Place the screw expansion anchors into the drilled holes drive the screws into the wall adjust the screws to expose approximately 5. Both the wireless connection and a wired connection either Ethernet or Coax must be established.

For vertical orientation, the two pilot holes must be vertical and spaced 70mm about 2. When the light is steady yellow, it means the MoCA coax network is established, but with degraded bandwidth. Flashing Green Indicates active network traffic Flashing green is normal.

Follow the on-screen instructions and choose Wireless for the method you will use to connect. Broadband service is not active. Select Set up Now to continue. Wall mount the unit with the baseplate.

Is the customer s router WPS capable? Go through the Determining Receiver Connection Type process again to verify you are using the correct type of connection. If network traffic is expected, e. Refer to the router s documentation for more information, or work with the customer to get this information.

This is indicated with these icons, or with the letters WPS: Please have the customer read the information on this screen. All materials are proprietary and confidential. See Figure Make sure that the correct slots of knob holes C and D Figure 5 are used depending on orientation.

LED off is expected when using an Ethernet connection. There will be no professional install offer in this case. Once powered up, this LED remains solid green.

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Screw C D 7mm 3. A solid yellow indicates a wireless LAN connection has been established, but the quality of the connection is poor troubleshooting is warranted to assure a stable quality connection. If a customer inquires about this, you must inform the customer that they would have to handle this themselves.

DIRECTV CINEMA is Your Own Personal Movie Library

In this installation, you will use the enclosed coaxial cable, along with an Ethernet cable. If you have configured your router to hide the network name, it will not appear in the list. On the router, press the WPS button. The TV displays a list of wireless networks. Ethernet Jack For connection to the customer s receiver.