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Was this review helpful to you? That's why this film is so excellent, and so important. It's not simple, and it's not fair for a reviewer to forge ahead and tell Dominga's story. That was better than watching it on a TV or computer, but not as good as seeing it in a theater.

Discovering Dominga: A Survivor's Story

The problem is that Denese has a second identity, derived from the period when she was nine years old, and her name was Dominga Sic Ruiz. Her adoptive family treated her well, and she discovering dominga online dating happy. It's the story of Denese Joy Becker, a women living happily with her family in Iowa.

What happened when she returned to Guatemala, and partially regained her previous identity, is the basis for the documentary. Absolutely not appropriate for children, and extremely difficult to watch, even for adults. Eventually, she--along with her husband and a cousin--traveled back to Guatemala to seek for traces of her parents both dead and her roots.

On the other hand, reading the phrase "the massacres of thousand of Mayans," and watching the aftermath of those massacres are two very different experiences.

Discovering Dominga: A Survivor's Story (2003)

The film includes an exhumation. It will be better if you find the movie, and let Dominga be the narrator. Dominga was living in a Mayan village, when the U. She carried with her an infant sibling, who died along the way. Dominga was rescued, and spent two years in a Guatemalan orphanage before being adopted by a family in Iowa.

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A Survivor's Storywas directed by Patricia Flynn. When she became an adult, she married a loving, caring man, and they had two children. Miraculously, Dominga was able to escape.

We saw the movie as part of a program about Guatemala given by the Rochester Committee on Latin America.

Discovering Dominga: A Survivor's Story (1970)

Powerful movie about a woman with two identities 17 January by Red — See all my reviews Discovering Dominga: We watched the film as projected on a small movie screen. I have read a fair amount about the army massacres of the Guatemalan Mayan community, so I was not surprised by what I saw.

Suddenly, you can almost feel the horror and terror of what happened during those years.