YouTube Sued for Discriminating Against White and Asian Males | YouTube Sued for Discriminating Against White and Asian Males |

Discriminating against white males dating. Ex-engineer sues google for discriminating against conservative white males - neowin

I was one of two white kids in my graduating elementary school class. Frankly, I think this whole mess is a combination of two factors.

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Victoria legalises discrimination against white males! Racial discrimination is the reason the White race finds itself at the helm of this country, White Nationalists are just accepting of this part of our make up and seek to use it to further our personal and political aims.

Damore was fired in August, after bi xenon projector headlights in bangalore dating controversial memo about numerical disparities between male and female employment in engineering went viral.

Adrian Sol March 2, These tubes are not your friend. The one small advantage in this is by Left-wing bleeding heart journalists "showing their hand" in what social engineering they want to see implemented is that we can in-turn, use it to show with many, many other examples what is going wrong with Australia.

Glass of water for Mr Grainger!

You bet your stupid ass!

Anti Racism is an ideology of denial and deflection of responsibility, practiced by people whose self esteem issues won't allow them to confront their true nature and take part in the progress of our people.

He accused the company of maintaining 'a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence. I grew up about two to three miles from the city center small city, but high population--there isn't much commercial, mainly residential.

The legal action comes amid claims made by former Google employee James Damore that he was fired for penning an anti-diversity memo that stirred up a firestorm of controversy.

I say people because it gives the community the impression that it's OK to discriminate against our racial type and that we have no right to query the way people treat us. Exceptions would be few and far between. People discriminate out of their nature.

Submit I'm an racist anomaly I've lived my life as a white male, and recently in my government class I discovered that some of my black friends were against affirmative action.

The memo posited that differences in average inclinations and aptitudes between men and woman were responsible for the underrepresentation of women in the field.

In his suit, Wilberg claims he was fired for retaliation because of complaints that he was being discriminated against because of his race and gender.

I would have thought that the anti discrimination act would have covered all the bases from the government's point of view, racial discrimination is already illegal so it's hard to see this new move in any other light than some sort of attack on White people.

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Oh, well, that's too bad I grew up in the 'rural-ish suburbs' I don't know what to call them and I grew up in a townhouse. The fact that YouTube cares more about racial diversity than hiring the best person for a job, says all we need to know about the organization.

Increasingly, it seems like Google is trying to find some new method of operating a technology business without any actual skilled engineers. Qualifications don't matter these days, rather your gender and race matter. Hispanic share of STEM employment has gone up from 4 per cent to 7 per cent, while their share of the US workforce has grown from 7 per cent in to 16 per cent today.

To hell with this disgusting kike-run video sharing platform. Pretty much every HR department in major corporations will have similar hiring practices, but typically tech companies will let in a few Asian and White men to actually do the work.

Yes, an Indian is responsible.

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Feel like your rights are getting taken? The Wall Street Journal writes that Google-owned YouTube is being sued by former employee and white male Arne Wilberg because of its diversity-oriented hiring practices. If people think that they have a boost into college, or a job, or wherever, they won't work as hard.

Former Google employee Damore filed a class-action suit against the massive company on Monday, claiming he and other white and Asian men at the company had been targeted for belittlement in a quest for workplace diversity.

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But those sort of averages that make up the argument for the statement "Oh poor white. At that point the only individuals who would take the job would be females, blacks or spics. Australia is a construct of White European cultures, designed to enrich and nurture our race, why would anyone wonder that Ethnic minorities are excluded from the mainstream?

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But I think I may be one of the most qualified to speak for white racism. Which meant there were minimal whites. We live in a bizarre Jew-run clown show where meaningless gibberish about racial diversity is more important than hiring competent individuals.

They discriminate because of things they're heard, or not been exposed to. Google strongly rejected the charge while also defending its attempts to build a diverse workforce.

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The Wall Street Journal writes that Google-owned YouTube is being sued by former employee and white male Arne Wilberg because of its diversity-oriented hiring practices. Share this article Share One engineer, a year-old white man, said: The government needs to step in and regulate these assholes.

It also explains why we see a massive purge of any right wing related channels on the platform. People with the same skills and experience, but different ethnicities, have different opportunities.

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Check comments for further explanation. On one hand, the Google administration wants to reduce their dependency on a few highly compentent White and to a lesser extent Asian males, and instead have a more manageable army of low skilled laborers.

Google 'openly shames managers of business units who fail to meet their [diversity] quotas—in the process, openly denigrating male and Caucasian employees as less favored than others,' the suit claims.

YouTube will likely incur the wrath of people who think diversity is a four-letter word in the wake of a lawsuit that accuses the streaming giant of limiting its hiring of white and Asian men as a way to ensure more diversity.

YouTube Sued for Discriminating Against White and Asian Males

The survey noted that although the share of blacks working in STEM jobs has gone from 7 per cent in to 9 per cent today, blacks are still underrepresented, making up 11 per cent of the total US workforce. The survey, conducted in July and August, comes as debates over diversity in the tech fields have reached a new fever pitch.

But whites discriminate because they're white, and like everyone else, want the best outcome for himself. It's probably a point of pride that they think that if they have affirmative action that they won't have accomplished or had to accomplish as much as the 'equivalent' whites. We however do not live in a sane world.

It still doesn't mean 'easy', rather, it probably means 'simpler'. And to top it all off, YouTube is run by an ugly horse faced Jewess. People overestimate what 'easier' means.

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I have since been against affirmative action because I think it might screw minorities over more than it helps them. Then there were the two whites.