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Description of genetic traits which may prevent or minimise dispersal of genetic material. Despite our dispersal across 25 electoral campaigns, we would be able to reassemble quickly to reinforce the President's negotiating position.

Serbatoi di carburante, dirigersi alle zone di dispersione. Concerns that a radiological dispersal device, Commonly known as a dirty bomb The concept underlying crowdfunding is the dispersal of information across millions of people.

Dispersione di calore

In accordance with the Government plan for evacuation, this dispersal is to apply only to certain specified classes of civilians. We condemn the use of force and the violent dispersal of democratic meetings, protests and demonstrations.

The only purpose would be for the construction of a radiological dispersal device. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

Especially in terms of the illegal dispersal and discharge of radioactivity into the environment, I regard that as enormously risky. What ohio christian singles exist to monitor the dispersal of these funds?

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Quando hai sparso le ceneri, non ho potuto fare a meno di notare uno schema di dispersione anomalo. Questa volta voglio una dispersione pulita. No cell members, no lab, no dispersal devices. Suggest an example Results: Furthermore, exacerbated competition could lead to a dispersal of resources and skills that would be detrimental to the users' interests.

Quali sono i meccanismi esistenti per monitorare la dispersione di tali finanziamenti?

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Preoccupa che un dispositivo a dispersione radiologico, noto come bomba sporca Nonostante la nostra dispersione in 25 campagne elettorali, saremo in grado di riunirci rapidamente per rafforzare la posizione negoziale del Presidente. Even if the problem of heat dispersal is less serious in these areas, the buildings are no more environmentally sustainable.

Nessun membro, nessun laboratorio, nessun dispositivo di dispersione. Condanniamo l'uso della forza e la dispersione violenta di riunioni, proteste e dimostrazioni democratiche.

English translation of 'dispersione di calore'

Non esiste un metodo universale di dispersione di una sostanza chimica applicabile a tutte le sostanze chimiche insolubili. Possiamo controllare quelle cose che ci preoccupano: We can control those things that we're worried about: And when I see the power that dispersal has on these biogeographic patterns, it makes me think that it's possible to tackle really challenging problems, like hospital-acquired infections.

There is no single method of dispersal of the test chemical which is applicable to all insoluble chemicals. When you spread the ashes, I couldn't help but notice an atypical dispersal pattern.

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In addition, the wide range of Community instruments and policies and the dispersal of responsibility over several Commission directorates-general create further obstacles.

I want a nice, clean dispersal this time. There's some dispersal, but it's kind of grouped around that average body type. Descrizione dei caratteri genetici che possono prevenire o ridurre al minimo la diffusione di materiale genetico. All fuel tankers should now retire to dispersal area.