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As an avid sportsman he never gives up on a challenge and understands the value of a strong team. During his time there he worked with internationally renowned engineers and gained valuable experience dj hookups durbanville hoerskool the design and management of complex structural engineering projects.

Hoërskool Durbanville, Cape Town

He believes there is a solution for every problem. It is essential to arrange times around sport and other school activities in the drama season so that all available time can be used for rehearsals.

An expert at encounter studs online dating project development and first principle engineering in the remotest of areas, Hannes is a man who delivers solutions where most can only see the challenges.

In the past we have also taken part in festivals at Montagu and Springbok but at the moment we only dj hookups durbanville hoerskool on one tour and the 5 festivals on offer. Activities throughout the year: Head of the Drama department: The music was composed by a music teacher, Mr Freddie Carle.

Die kinders van die ou familieplase soos Loevenstein, Welgemoed, Stikland, Oosterzee e. Swart is sedert Julie as skoolhoof aangestel.

Go for an audition.

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Pr Tech Eng Francois de Villiers Francois is someone for whom solutions to complex engineering challenges come naturally. Our preview evening is usually held in our own school hall and marks the start of the season. In September is die nuwe skoolgebou luisterryk ingewy.

If you pass your audition then you become part of the cast. He is overseeing projects in various African countries as well as within the borders of South Africa.

The children from the old family farms, Loevenstein, Welgemoed, Stikland, Oosterzee and others, all attended school in Durbanville. Pampoenkraal het later D'Urban geword en in is hierdie naam na Durbanville verander om verwarring met sy Natalse eweknie uit te skakel.

We try to give them opportunities to be on stage as well as in the audience to show them all the various passions that lie within dramatic arts. Durbanville Primary School was established in after the Department of Education agreed to allow the Primary School to be separated from the High School.

You will also get an opportunity to be part of the tech crew if you are already signed up on the PV Tech team. We take part in various drama festivals that give the learners exposure and experience in this field.

If you miss more than three rehearsals without a valid reason you might be at risk of losing your place in the cast. How to sign up: It is also important to teach the learners what it means to portray a character to a large audience with confidence and discipline.

Just keep your eye on the culture notice board for the details of these auditions.


Sedert sy ontstaan is Laerskool Durbanville op die voorpunt van opvoedkundige hervorming en ontwikkeling. He embraces innovative new ideas and no project is too big or too small to deserve attention. The first principal, Mr De Wet, was instrumental in designing the school badge, the motto, as well as the lyrics for the school song.

His attention to precision and detail is of great value to our team. Any learner in the school may audition. Swart was appointed as headmaster in July The new school building was inaugurated in September After completing his B.

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Geskiedenis van "Ons Eie" History of "Our Own" Die geskiedenis van "Ons Eie" dateer uit die vorige eeu toe boere hulle diere by die uitspanplek, Pampoenkraal, laat rus het. We have a strict attendance policy.

De Wet, het gesorg vir die skoolwapen en die leuse, asook die lirieke van die skoollied. Nadat 'n nedersetting hier ontstaan het, is 'n skooltjie in vir kinders gebou. Die toonsetting is deur mnr.

We strive to create a love for theatre in our learners. He walks the extra mile to bring calm and harmony to the table. Dit is bewerkstellig deur die toedoen van vier vorige skoolhoofde, by name mnre. They also learn to work together in a team and to have a sense of responsibility towards each other.

Since its establishment, Durbanville Primary School has played a leading role in educational reform and development.

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Ons Missie Our Mission Om aan die hand van Christelike beginsels, in samewerking met 'n meelewende ouer- en onderwyserkorps binne 'n klimaat van liefde en geborgenheid, ons leerlinge in hul totaliteit tot gelukkige, volwasse landsburgers te begelei. He takes on new challenges with great enthusiasm and has the ability to inspire and motivate others in the work place, as well as in his social life.

Auditions take place at the beginning of the year and are followed by the rehearsal process.