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Eric holds Sookie as she cries into his chest. While Jason successfully slaughters many of the vampire guards in the building, and Tara frees Pam, Eric and Sookie go to find Bill. Also, he's annoying, and a jerk, and superficial, and a liar, and natural abundance of carbon 14 dating annoying!

Whether she ends up with Bill ultimately or not, this isn't a soap opera whoever you are that is naming them as a coupleit is a great series with too much possibility to let sentimental nitwits turn it into something it's not, revolving around some romantic fantasy you have about love.

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For Erik to love anyone else is monumental. When Eric gets his memories back, he tells Sookie that he remembers their relationship and declares his love for her.

Eric tells Sookie to let Bill go. One thing is for sure, Eric loves Eric. If you think about it, do sookie and eric ever hook up is basically in a love triangle.

When the group arrives at Fangtasiaas weak as Eric is, he tries his best to help Sookie save her friends from Hep V vamps.

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They look like a good couple. Naruto's not over yet. Nora waits outside Sookie's porch and Eric tells her that they won't include Sookie in their plans from now on. Eric forces sookie to drink his blood he is a cheat and a liar. He also becomes more protective of Sookie. After Eric drinks the cure from Sarah Newlin's blood, he comes to see Sookie to let her know that he's alright.

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After finding Godric, Eric helps Sookie escape Steve Newlinand later tricks Sookie into drinking his blood, establishing an unbreakable bond between them.

Sookie agrees and they go to an abandoned hospital to seek information and find hostage humans. She does not end up with Bill, it actually turns out he was forced to go out with her but supposedly he fell in love in the process.

That was kind of shitty. Sookie thanks him and quietly rescinds his invitation to her house, as she wants to have a normal life again. At the end of Season 4, Sookie decides to not be with either Bill or Eric, as she loves them both too much.

Eric wakes and finds solace in Sookie's bed.

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Eric then tells Sookie, that she'll always be "that girl in the white dress" who walked into his bar. Sookie is happy to see Eric and runs up and hugs him, when she sees the dark veins on his chest she is devastated claiming that he can't die on her.

Sookie is rejoiced, but informs him that Bill is sick. Tara warns all of them to stay away from her or she'll kill them, quickly leaving through the back door.

Some also believe that Naruto will end up with Ino. Towards the end of the season, Eric convinces Sookie to come save Bill from Lilith.

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Hopefully Sharlaine Harris will change her mind, because the books are yet to be written i want sookie with bill hes much better! Alcide then tells JD "Just tell me a time and place" and he then walks out. They lived together throughout the course of Season 4.

But I think he should end up with Karin. Season 6 Edit Season 6 opens with Eric and Sookie running inside the elevator, but it suddenly appears to break down.

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In the Sookie Stackhouse novels who does Sookie end up with? And sure, Eric lies, but that's just Eric's way, and he's totally hot about it.

He tells Alcide to protect Sookie with his entire life and to not touch her in any way, romantically speaking. They are still very much together throughout the entire season. XD Will Sookie stackhouse break up with bill crompton in trublood season 2?

Sookie says that Bill's not the only one that changed and that she's not the same girl she used to be. Bill "glamours" Sookie while Eric proceeds to glamour Alcide.

Eric kills them before they get to her house. Sookie uses her fae light to find a way out of the elevator. Sookie will break up with Bill and seek refuge with other men Sookie tries to persuade Bill not to become "Billith" but he refuses to listen and drinks all of Lilith's blood.

Who will Sookie end up with?

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D Will Sookie stackhouse will end up with bill? They make it out of the building and arrive to the front of the burning building in Eric's car. The Authority gives Eric the green light to kill Russell. But i have heard that it is in fact Eric she gets with in the end.

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They have words and Bill orders Eric to leave. She remarks that she's never seen Bon Temps from high above. Eric is obviously attracted to Sookie. He even told Sookie that he never gave up on finding her when everyone else did.

He cheats on her with his maker and she doesn't really ever forgive him He later returned the house for Sookie's safety. Nora remarks that Eric's in love with Sookie and that she may have found his weakness. As Eric holds Sookie he further tells her about his travels after the events of Season 6stating that he thought he might see the world "one last time.

Not exactly her M. It's implied by cast and crew members that Eric will continue to look after Sookie. And since the show doesn't follow events in the books exactly or at all sometimesonly time, praying, and sending A LOT of emails to Alan Ball supporting Sookie and Bill or Bookie 'BOO-kie' will tell if Sookie and Bill's love will last after season 3 is over.