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When another car approaches, Laura pushes Daniel's body down across the passenger's seat, and she and Daniel pretend to exchange insurance information.

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When the news reports that Doble contratiempo online dating is on the run after embezzling money from the bank. The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie adding some brief conventional pitfalls. This is a highly mysterious and cerebral thrillerfilled with plot twistsincluding an unexpected denouement in its ending part.

Was this review helpful? He towed Adrian's car to his house to fix it. He notes the car's number plates as Laura leaves. Elvira could have easily unlocked the window for her husband to escape after killing Laura, and later locked the window, making it seem like nobody else came in. It is well worth watching and it packs several thrilling as well as suspenseful scenes.

From start to finish the complicated intriguefast-pacedthrillsand suspense result to be continuous. Virginia is shocked but states she will not reveal this to the judge. Hitchcock-style psychological thrillerbeing surprisingly good and compellingly shot.

Special mention for Ana Wagener as a cunning lawyer and playing a double role. This mystery murder was stunningly produced by various prestigious producers: Laura rationalizes that it is not entirely their fault since Daniel was texting and not wearing his seat belt.

Using his information, Laura, who used to work for the same bank, hacks into his account and steals money to create a fake trail.

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The police arrive and, finding the room door locked and chained from the inside, break in. The picture is very wellthough sometimes stagy and it has a lot of turns.

Laura, who still has Daniel's phone in her pocket, hides it in their couch as Elvira calls, looking for her son. Laura, upset, returns with his car and tells him how his car was repaired. After his arrest, his wife leaves him and takes their young daughter. Virginia suggests planting an item of Laura's in the trunk of his car with Daniel's body, and claiming she acted alone.

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She answers Daniel's phone when it rings to continue the ruse, and the other driver leaves, convinced. Sign in to vote. She exits the apartment and begins to quickly walk with great urgency. The main cast is frankly goodas Mario Casas as the egoistic businessman accused of murdering his sweetheart played by Barbara Lennie who plays perfectly his beautiful lover.

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Howeverbeing very entertaining for its successive suspense. She tells him that there was no surprise witness, and she only told him that to force him to tell the truth. Although they are unhurt, the driver of the other car, a bank employee named Daniel Garrido, 23, is killed.