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He mocked himself for putting on weight after moving to LA, although his weight has since gone down again.

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They all take the piss out of each other rather mercilessly, but they're good friends, and Kaeyi has said on her and Martyn's joint channel that whenever Martyn wants some banter, he will talk to Strippin dodger and strippin dating games because Strippin takes the piss so much.

Despite being slightly boisterous and sarcastic, he's actually a fairly mellow guy in real life, particularly around cats. He also somehow learned how to play the guitar although he can't read music and sing.

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When he and Benji are building a treehouse in Rail Bros, he questions as to whether or not their building one is a good idea, given how Benj often falls to his death in Minecraft. He's also not a bad singer, can play the guitar and worked as a fisherman in Hong Kong, among other bizarre jobs he did after school.

Distracted by the Sexy: She was then sent to sit are crabstickz and kickthepj dating apps her bedroom for the rest Thanksgiving and wait and until the entire family had left to go home before eating dinner.

The Tweet only had one like by my friend who took the screenshot and was deleted about 40s after Jesse tweeted it.

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He gets creatively distracting when playing mini-golf with Martyn. During a game of Chivalryhe utterly massacred Angry Joe 's team; the others definitely helped, but Strippin definitely carried TB's team to victory.

Despite being one of the more masculine and laddish members of the Yogscast, Strippin is a huge fan of Frozen and his icons tend to be of him wearing pink clothes.

Rawn also known as hiimrawn on YouTube had Dodger do a few rap parts in his series 'Gets Played', a series of video game themed songs on his channel. A Running Gag when he was away one week for Yognews had multiple people taking his place and jokingly claim that all he said was "I'm handsome", or something along those lines.


She is lactose intolerant. For those who don't believe me a video will be up with more evidence on my Youtube channel some time soon so be sure to check that out.

Aside from gaming, he worked as a ski instructor, had a job in a gym, worked as a fisherman and as a waiter, with a modelling career as well. She believes in ghosts. Dodger used to live in a shared apartment with two of her friends: TotalBiscuit frequently refers to him as "Sam" unless he's introducing him to an audience.

She likes her coffee with two sugars and no cream. Especially Dodger, who literally has to stand on a box to shoot some of her videos on Polaris.

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He and TotalBiscuit are great friends in real life, but Strippin is often jokingly mocked by TB for mostly focusing on survival games and early access material. He's partially colour-blind, which makes playing some games a little difficult.

Aside from his well-built physique, he actually used to be a model. It was reason enough for them to do it.

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Two examples, although it should be noted that most of his family are pretty tall. So first I would like to bring your attention to a tweet by Jesse Cox, it was tweeted by him shortly before Dodger announced her relationship between the former Yogscast member Strippin. While he and Benji aid Hat Films in their bizarre and immoral activities in Cornerstone, they're not as confrontational with the rest of the group.

She worked in Starbucks before she made a YouTube channel. Link to the tweet http: The Dog Bites Back: It might be a bit disorganised or messy. Her brother is a musician, Jarrod Lawson.

Follow up all sexy times with ramen. One Thanksgiving she sassed her mom at the dinner table. In this tweet Jesse admitted he had feeling for Dodger, although it is unclear on exactly what these feelings were I think it's pretty obvious on what Jesse meant in this tweet.

He also helped her produce a song she wrote called "Guild Ho" for her channel. Especially if you give them small, cute things. Nevertheless, he manages to do pretty well at them. He loves cats, particularly Eddie and Dodger's cats. Spell My Name with a "The": Joked about during a trailer for the "Dream Team" livestream forwhen he's being told to stream.

After this, he becomes considerably more reluctant to lead the way whenever Lewis is behind him. Joined Sips for a series of Garry's Mod Murder! At the end of the Q and A video he did with his sisters, he includes footage of them mocking his constant Schedule Slip moments and his general presentation style.

His channel is actually called TheStrippin on YouTube, although he only did this because "Strippin" was taken.

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For example, Erin aka Happileeerin is an editor for Polaris and is known to be one of Dodger's best friends. This was because Strippin had to do the dare after the fandom raised enough money the previous year. In the fall ofDodger did a non-nude photoshoot for Playboywhere she discussed what it's like being a gamer on YouTube.

Jack of All Trades: During Cornerstone, he and Benji build a new treehouse base, and again he takes special care to put planks around the edges because he fears they'll fall off. Some of his challenges that he proposes for the Saturday challenges fall into this, such as challenging Teutron to a blindfolded art contest.

They were all asking for him to do it again inalthough as the donations were going better he was a bit more reluctant and didn't actually have to. Often in this podcast Jesse and Dodger exchange weird looks at each other and laugh to themselves it is currently unknown why they do this though If you have any more information on this or have an argument against it please reply and i will answer as soon as possible.

In Garry's Mod Murder! His YogNews persona does this to Turps. As well as Aaron Umetani, known for his work as a director on shows such as the Game Grumps Table Flip series, who is also the co-host of Dodger's show, Swords and Stitches.

I just realized that has more meanings then just the ulterior meaning to a man cave. On the 14th episode of The TGS Podcast, Dodger ate a pack of Jaffa Cakes with the best before date beingwhether this was just a mis-print or it was actually from the medieval age, this goes down as one of the most memorable moments in the podcast's history.

Jesse basically admits his feelings and says it was unfortunate that each other were in a relationship when the other wasn't a quote from the post says "When I first moved to LA I was dating someone.

After being locked him in a car boot for a few episodes, Strippin breaks free and gives chase to his now-terrified captor. Real Men Wear Pink: He towers over pretty much everyone. He also has this dynamic with Hat Films in Cornerstone.