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Things You Will Need.

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Install the mower deck to the tractor frame in reverse order of the mower deck removal. And there might be two, especially if there's a key and don't forget if there is you'll need another key as well. Questions about this project?

Lift uniform dating blackberry app mower deck blade control lever slightly upward, push it to the right and pull the lever fully down to the "Disengage" position.

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We have Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. But you can't pledge for the full product. Pull the old mower deck drive belt from around the right and left blade pulley and idler pulley. Lift the right and left blade pulley covers from the top mower deck.

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The parking brake lever is located on the operator's panel directly beneath the mower deck blade control lever. I ain't lying, it's a matter of the steps have to be done in the correct order, beyond that it's relatively easy.

We get you here! Orders are fully refundable at any time prior to shipping. How theft-proof is my board when I am using the Deck Hook? Slide the long-rod free from the mower mount bracket. Slide the belt under the idler pulley belt guide. The idler spring and blade control cable are located on the does deck cable hook up 12 38xl toro right rear mower deck.

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Check also for a small hex bolt screwed into the side of the spindle OR pulley that likes to hold things in place. The engine crankshaft pulley is located directly beneath the tractor engine.

Toro Wheelhorse

Also I found to soften the blow it helps to put an old mower blade in between spindle and hammer wood is too soft.

To ramp up production we need your help to meet our minimum order quantities to produce on a mass scale. Deck Hook is shipping Worldwide so everyone can grab a piece of the action. The mower deck drive belt for the model number can be replaced at home with basic hand tools; however, the transmission drive belt replacement is a required dealer replacement due to the amount of time and specialty tools required to complete this process.

But what I do know is there exist about a dozen or so steps to this silly job, if they're not done in the exact order then you are so stuck until you perform these steps in the correct order.

Remove the mower deck drive belt from around the engine crankshaft pulley.

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We have already moved ahead with the production of the moulds and so once the Kickstarter campaign ends we will place the order for the Deck Hooks and Wall Hangers. Pull the long-rod retaining hairpin from the long-rod L-shaped end with needle-nosed pliers; slide the flat washer from the long-rod.

As we strive to provide you with the ultimate user experience, and would not feel comfortable releasing any product until it is perfect, there is always the possibility of delays. If you don't lift the board out of the Deck Hook from the correct angle the Deck Hook does stay attached. When do you expect to ship out the Deck Hook?

Loosen the engine crankshaft pulley belt guide retaining nuts with a socket wrench to allow the mower deck drive belt to be removed from the lower engine crankshaft pulley groove. A hammer certainly does help but don't hit it too hard before making sure something else isn't in the way.

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If however there is a delay we will notify you immediately and keep you well up to date on any change in the timescale. Slide a flat washer onto the long-rod end. Thank you for all your support. Unscrew the blade pulley cover retaining bolts with a socket wrench.

Pull the idler pulley belt guide around to the left so that it is at a degree angle from the idler arm. We can then increase production and bring the costs down.

Introducing the Deck Hook

Finish tighten the blade pulley cover retaining bolts with a socket wrench. We have finalised the Deck Hook design, formed partnerships and have a solid production plan in place.

What is the maximum user weight A: If you like, you can add a strong rubber band around the body of the deck hook which can be clipped over the trucks and wheels once in place.