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As nice and friendly as Marco is and even with the history of Luffy, we have no actual guaranteed that Marco will be joining this fight.

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I would only say one thing… I wish he'd cared for himself a does jinbei join the straw hats yahoo dating more. Although this is long past the expiration date, it can still serve as evidence that there will be at least ten Straw Hats at one point of the manga excluding Luffy himself.

We, first have the fishman alongside merfolk. While trying to save his crew that's been captured like Captain Kid. Usopp - Wants to be a brave warrior of como defender a mi novia yahoo dating sea like his father.

They have always lived in fear and anger of the humans due to the actions humans have taken against them, making them generalized their belief, that all humans are evil. This decision lead him to meet Luffy, which allowed him to participate in the war, fighting against the government.

Although it was a short while, this event was another part of why Jinbei became who he is. Luffy offers the person a position, and is usually turned down initially which usually causes Luffy to comically "refuse this refusal".

Jinbei Joins Straw Hats Manga

My Goal I feel like a lot of fans no matter how much they love Jinbei, there's always one thing that tends to happen every single time. Making him the next Straw Hat is prove to me that his not going to die: Him joining is like a girl taking 4 hours to put on her makeup and then saying "ok im ready lets go" Counter section: He has an unknown early life, he became friends with the Governor of Jamaica, when relations between England and Spain got worse, the Governor gave a letter of marque which is a license to battle, attack and seize Spain vessels.

Especially since humans have been known to judge, abused and sell a lot them off like their life meant nothing. I thought I should write about him. However it took a lot of sweat to make this happen, since her people hated humans.

However in this case I don't actually believe his dead nor is he going to die, so these are some of the theories I came up with after thinking about it over and over again. I do think it's about time for Robin to get a proper fight though.

He already serves him with his actions. Not only did this moment mark Jinbei as the new Straw Hat, but it also proved how unbelievably onboard he was with Luffy.

He likes to give his crew freedom but he steps in when he needs to. Sanji - Wants to find All Blue. And also, he mentioned that his shadow was still there, he mentioned why he couldn't join.

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Although Young and inexperienced, Jinbei began to admire Luffy. The would-be crewmate typically defeats one of the villain's henchmen, or otherwise plays a crucial role in the Straw Hats' victory for example, Brook defeats Tararan and reveals the zombies' weakness, despite losing to Ryuma.

I'm not really fond of this idea because I am already tired of the whole "Straw hat leaves, I need saving" kind of story. Koala was not just a human, but a human who was treated badly by her own kind.

During the arc in which the new crewmate is introduced their backstory and dreams are revealed, although Nami and Robin's back stories were revealed later thus convincing them to join the Straw Hat Crew.

Due to the history of Fishman Island Jinbei has felt the need to surpass this hatred, not only for himself but for his people.

The average One Piece fan. I do think it could be a different approach and direction with Jinbei. When Big Mom confronted him, the usual reaction would be fear, however Big Mom's soul sucking ability didn't work against him, because at that moment he wasn't afraid.

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Brook - Wants to travel the Grand Line and reunite with Laboon afterwards. He can also withstand a lot of pain, similar to Zoro. So to me Jinbei did more then save his life, he gave him direction.

I don't see how people think I mean One Piece 5 years. But Jinbei didn't make any false promises, instead he decided to be completely honest with him. Even if he's your brother, we're in the pirates world.

There's so much that makes Jinbei such a cool character. I also think it's been long over do, since I've always wanted to write about him, and this is the perfect time.

Which is something I loved about Jinbei in this moment. Can't do that if you don't brave the scariest seas.

Do you think jinbei will join the strawhat pirates?

Oda doesn't do the obvious Let's be honest here. I believe Odas slowly giving us fake "foreshadowing" that Oda is telling us so that we can all think he joins for sure. Again I don't think it's impossible, as I said before anything is possible. Hopefully This helps you understand where's his come from and what's made him who he is.