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Well, now there are all those pinks. Having lived in UK for almost 10 years I forgot that the real summer heat requires a different makeup regime, and that includes everything from the fragrance to your favourite lip product. Maybe because of the nourishing oils in it, maybe not — but the formulation really stayed on my lips longer than I expected.

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Their Dolce lipstick range only had reds in it before. From my experience I have to say they have very light texture with beautiful clean vanilla gaelin elmore yahoo dating. It just comes out intuitively right then. One more thing I should probably mention is that even though this lipstick has a light texture, I didnt have to keep applying it all the time.

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The scent I thought is different to other DG Beauty lip products. The shades are mostly pinks and some nudes.

Dolce And Gabbana Dolce Matte Lipstick In Rose 621 Dolce Flirt

As always I am super curious to hear what shade is your favourite, what look you think suits me the most, as I really enjoyed playing different roles, and combining the lipsticks with my looks for the purpose of this post.

They promise colour, shine and comfort. This beautiful print really left an impression on me, and even though I always find it hard to commit to one as my favourite, this one totally did it.

In this post you can see three totally different looks and three different DG Beauty Miss Sicily lipsticks in action.

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Dolce lipstick has such a strong powdery old fashioned makeupey scent to it, I feel it even when swatching it on my arm. Well, is there any khaki there? And a handful of nudes.

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I think this look is very day appropriate, its something I wore to lunch in the Amalfi Coast and thought it really fit in well with the scene. There are 16 different shades in this collection, so something for everyone.

In everyday life and work life you might want to use it as an eyeliner or as a highlighting accent in your eye corners. Now lets discuss each separately. This is a very rare and very festive kind of shade that is pretty much universally becoming. The same thing kind of happened here that happened to me in case of Bacio blush, this cream eyeshadow shade was prepitched to us as khaki.

Dolce Matte Lipstick

Why is this the most interesting part? This rich nude tone leans toward brown more than pink and is super easy to wear.

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To help get to the product. Boy, what a nice shade though.

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I also use them as a lip balm cicince they really soothe the lips and have emollient oils in the formulation. I styled the Hortensia printed dress and shoes with a light pink Sicily bag as well as the Antonia shade of Miss Sicily lipstick. I love the fact that I can apply it without a mirror and that it goes with pretty much every makeup look, day or night.

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To support this new release, four new lip liner shades came along. Everything from their appearance, packaging to colour range got my attention. I mean, I like cream eyeshadow, because I can apply it with my finger tips, which works much better for me than with brushes. Please, see all the eye shades swatched here.