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The internal organs were still intact, and one of the hearts still contained frozen blood. In this ritual, the three children were drugged [3] and allowed to freeze on top of the mountain, and then they were placed inside a small chamber 1.

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Several gold, shell and silver statues, textiles and pottery were also found. This is a magic drama, full of Galaicas legends, emotion, and extraordinaries landscapes.

As far as I know, the legend is currently unknown outside of Spain. According to traditional Inca belief, children who are sacrificed do not truly die, but instead watch over the land from their mountaintop perches, alongside their ancestors.

The area that now contains the city of Salta was a part of the Inca Empire in the late s and early s, before being conquered by Spanish conquistadores in the late s.

Unfortunately, the experience can prove to be lethal.

Cameos by Andres Aberasturi as a truck driver and Anabel Alonso as a singer. However, in order to "have good relations with the Indian people", no more mummies will be removed from the area, according to Gabriel Miremont, the designer and director of the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, which hosts the exhibit displaying the mummies.

You must go to the website at exactly midnight on a moonless night. Human sacrifice was also used as offering to the gods in times of famine, and as a way of asking for protection.

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The mendigar o morir online dating girl's body had been struck by lightning after her death, causing burn damage on her body, especially her face and shoulder. Three days into their search, Reinhard's team discovered a grave site containing three mummified children: The Inca civilisation did not expand much geographically until the midth century.

You must turn off all the lights in your house. Once at the top of the mountain, they were allowed to fall asleep, and then placed in a small tomb 1.

Children of Llullaillaco

The Children of Llullaillaco [1] Spanish: The children were sacrifices in an Inca religious ritual that is believed to have taken place c.

Do you dare to check? You want this to just be a nightmare. Their eyes are missing. If you satisfy all of these conditions, you will apparently be granted access to The Blind Maiden site.

Colorful cinematography by Tote Trenas who reflects splendidly the Gallegos wooded outdoors. Click the accept button to engage actively in the experience. If you accept the challenge you will only be taking your life in your hands. There is a new urban legend that has been circulating in schools all over Spain.

Once inside, your eyes will immediately be assailed by a never-ending montage of shocking of screaming faces. Was this review helpful to you? La Doncella had been drugged by coca leaves and a maize beer known as chicha. It seems she must have thought I was dead because thanks to that I survived.

Are you willing to take the risk. A bacterial infection was discovered in her lungs during an examination. Honestly, I have not yet attempted to find the website.

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He apparently died under stress, as vomit and blood were found on his clothing. Here is a rough English translation of a comment from a Spanish boy who claims to have accessed the Website: Yes, I admit it.

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Sacrifice could only occur with the direct approval of the Inca emperor. The exhumation and display of the bodies is opposed by some indigenous people.

Right then I turned around and saw the door behind me opening, and then I see this face that was indescribable, but it had no eyes!

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You will be faced with a real experience of absolute horror. The museum opened its doors to the general public in early September Then it came to the door and began to open it.

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Children chosen for sacrifice were generally "sons and daughters of nobles and local rulers". Reinhard said that the mummies "appear to be the best preserved Inca mummies ever found", additionally saying that the arms were perfectly preserved, even down to the individual hairs.

However, starting under the rule of Pachacuti inthe Inca swept throughout South America along the Andes mountains, conquering local peoples along the way and consolidating a massive land empire within the span of less than a century.

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Right at that moment I clicked the button, everything I saw on the screen became so real. Llullaillaco is located in the Atacama Desertthe driest non-polar desert on Earth.

There lives a cacique Fernando Guillen married to Claudia Gravi who abuses sexually his tenants. You want to wake up. According to the legend, some lines of Spanish text will appear on the screen.

This legend is almost totally unknown outside of Spain.