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Ericka Pittman Taking the city by storm with Brooklyn sensibilities and a worldwide outlook, Ericka has traveled the globe and rocketed through the ranks in the publishing industry with a myriad of popular magazines such as Vibe and Glamour.

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With her impeccable style and notable friends found in every swanky corner of the city, Kerry and her witty ways quickly turn dr lee gause dating everywhere she goes. Tabasum Mir has been ahead of the curve her whole life, beginning at age 12 when she enrolled in high school in Michigan. When not tending to his top-of-the-line clients, this avid art collector can be found at auctions bidding on works to enhance his private collection and raising money for his charity, which provides pro-bono dental work for underprivileged youth.

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Having grown up in the tough area of East New York, Ericka has navigated a path to success amidst adversity and values giving back. After summering back on the east coast, Kerry decided to stay in Nantucket through the winter.

Ericka is currently in a solid relationship…with her blackberry.

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Whether it be helping the daters pick out their outfits for a hot date or submitting a possible match, the sky is the limit with fan engagement. Brian Trunzo Brian Trunzo is a man who believes in reinvention and has transformed himself twice.

She carries her passion for health into the charity world, offering her time, talents and funds to a host of philanthropic organizations including Operation Smile and Charity: He is looking for someone that can keep up with his busy schedule that often includes odd hours.

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When the spotlight became too bright, Kerry sought refuge in LA, studying Bikram yoga and focusing on her career.

This addictive series takes transmedia to the next level as fans will be able to interact with the cast and potentially impact the show through social media like never before.

Now that business is booming, Joey is ready to end his five-year single streak and meet the man of his dreams.

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She is looking for a man who is tall and has great bone structure with a Nordic look, but also has to be funny, sarcastic, secure, well read and prepared to settle down.

Twitter Bravo is launching a revolutionary new dating experiment and they want YOU to be a part of the action!

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Ericka is comfortable being single, but even a city girl can be a hopeless romantic. The man of her dreams is kind, confident, patient, smart and witty.

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When Brian could no longer ignore his strong interest in fashion, he started a blog mocking menswear and eventually walked away from his lucrative legal life to open Carson Street Clothiers, a renowned menswear store in SoHo. After graduating from NYU and building her practice, she is excited to be expanding her own MirSkin skin care line and is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all things beauty.

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Brian is attracted to confident women with edgy style who understand the rigors of running a business. His careful hand and precise approach have put him on speed dial for his chic, trendsetting clients.