Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 3: Best Served Cold Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 3: Best Served Cold

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A vision of Orsino first appears in the quest Night Terrorswhere during one of Feynriel's visions Hawke takes on the image of Orsino congratulating Feynriel for being such a powerful mage.

Her Dalish Pariah tree allows her to wield blood magic and use area of affect nature spells. Swift Justice is also nice as it is a passive skill.

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If you plan on using many sustained abilities at once, place a few points into Willpower. He will ask that you go to Hightown to investigate reports of shady meetings in Hightown. For dual wielding Rogues consider 2 Dexterity and 1 Cunning And of course some Willpower and Constitution now and again.

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Her Swashbuckler tree increases her defenses, boosts critical chance, and allows her to provoke enemies. He resorts to using Quentin's research and combines his body with his comrades' corpses, transforming into a dangerous Harvester which Hawke is forced to kill.

Pinning Shot is also great for setting up Disorient. Romantic — Completed a romance with one of your party members.

And, obviously, you will need some way to transfer your saves from 360 to PC and vice-versa

Knowledgeable — Unlocked codex entries. Maud was homesick and missed her family and home dearly. Before that if Bethany is vitaldubstep 420 dating and is a Circle mage, she will exclaim that Orsino could have stopped Quentin and saved Leandrato which Orsino will reply that he is sorry but he didn't know the extent of Quentin's derangement until it was too late.

Seeing this, the knight-commander tightened her grip and the more she tightened, the more Orsino fought- making use of every advantage and ally he could find. His Friendship boosts all of his damage outputs, while his Rivalry increases his health regeneration.

Friend — Earned the friendship of one of your party members. For archers try putting in 3 Dexterity each level Though spending some in Cunning, Willpower and Constitution once in a while will help. You'll have Bethany and Carver in your team for now; Carver should serve as your tank if you selected Mage or Rogue, and Bethany should handle healing and other spells if you are not a Mage yourself.

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Legendary — Reached Level Orsino worked tirelessly to improve the lot of the mages, with his motivation to give them hope and something of a life so that death would not be more preferable.

That Thing Has Legs — Found and killed a varterral. Tag Team — Used teamwork to perform a cross-class combo. He will locate Stroud and allow your sibling to join the Grey Wardens.

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Head up the hill and clear out a few more Darkspawn. Please enter your date of birth to view this video By clicking 'enter', you agree to GameSpot's enter Hawke Hawke is the main character and can select from any of the three classes.

While Meredith insists on a direct frontal assault, Orsino suggest the more tactical approach of using a distraction to lure the Qunari guarding the front entrance away, giving Hawke's party a chance to infiltrate the Keep.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 3: Best Served Cold

His special Marksman tree augments his ranged attacks further by boosting damage and attack speed. Have Aveline tank the brunt of the forces while the rest of your party concentrates on killing the Ogre and healing up.

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Demon Slayer — Found and killed the ancient demon, Hybris. Anders is a mage that lacks the Entropy tree, meaning he cannot sleep or hex enemies. Orsino realized that the mages would need someone to advocate on their behalf lest the templars rob what few liberties they had left. Mage Mages can serve as healers, supporters, or powerful damage dealers with area of effect spells.

A Friendship with her will transfer damage from Hawke, while a Rivalry will further increase her damage resistance. She is a mage that is missing the Creation tree, which disallows her from healing or hasting the party. He is a Warrior that uses the Two-Handed weapons and cannot use shields or one handed weapons.

Your old friends Thrask and Grace are waiting at the campsite. Meredith and Orsino meet again in the Gallows Courtyard.

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Spelunker — Visited 10 caves in Kirkwall and the surrounding area. Gift Giver — Gave a gift to one of your party members. Exorcist — Found and killed the undying Xebenkeck. As always put a few points into Constitution Especially if you go down the blood mage path for Hawke or Merrill.

Flirtatious — Flirted with one of your party members to begin a romance. Your trip down the Wounded Coast won't be a quiet one, as you will be troubled by even more Templar and Mages. She is a Warrior that only uses one handed weapons and shields, lowering her damage output.

Classes There are three classes in the game. If you plan on using many sustained abilities consider flipping it to 1 Magic and 2 Willpower. You don't need to worry about the smaller Darkspawn, as once the Ogre is dead you'll soon be rescued by Flemeth. Here you'll convince the men in charge that you know someone in the city, but will in turn be attacked by other Ferelden refugees.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 3: Bethany assists her sibling in the fight against the Harvester. Orsino noticed that mage suicides became routine in the Gallows and that it would occur more frequently every year, especially with the templars tightening their grip on the Gallows.

Darkness Falls — Toggled the map from day to knight. Orsino makes use of Quentin's research to transform into a mindless Harvesterwhich Hawke slays with the help of Meredith and her templars. And look on the bright side: Talented — Upgraded a spell or talent.

Isabela's Swashbucklers tree can transform her into a form of dodge tank, though it Experienced Hand is still good for damage.