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We read out two classics as I'd like to think of them, her reading my favourite of the two. I was meaning to talk to you about it.

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Which was three months away. Which meant the text message of the link from my phone was gonna appear on the home screen. I shut the door behind him, before giving Zelda the finger and dublin inc sam bashor dating my dress, frowned at the sexy underwear I had the green inferno latino dating. For God's sake Bashor, you're killing me.

I can't believe I have heart ache over a boy 8 years younger than me - goddammit I am a grown woman and should not be stopped by a pre-teen. I watched as Sam walked away to get my iPad. Despite the fact that we weren't drunk, Maude and I were sitting fairly close to each other on her bed watching her favourite film.

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I just had to pretend I didn't know these fics word for word. There were actually some perks of the video, we got pretty close, I got to hold her hand despite it being like holding a corpse and she snuggled underneath my head which was pretty freaking awesome if you asked me. I tried to look extra snazzy, and made sure to hone in on the little details - extra deodorant god I'm sweaty when I'm nervousextra cologne I wanna smell good dammitbrushed my teeth twice and used mouthwash just in case.

Maude Exactly where I wanted him. Your review has been posted. Hey's and Hi's aside, I waltzed to my desk where Maude was sitting to my left wearing dungarees too - I swear we must have a mental connection and was greeted with the every day offering of Storm Trooper candy it's always a no, Maude.

I hung up the call and closed my laptop, trying to erase all memory of her reminder that 'Sex is a beautiful thing, Flossy, and if you're going to do it, do it well and be safe. I walked him to the door, and gave him a big hug, before making him promise that next time he would watch the entire film with me.

I hated Saturday mornings. You're getting dry food tonight. Maude I lay horizontally across my bedroom floor, holding my phone with one hand when - ow. Walked up the countless steps that's a lie, I count things as a coping mechanism, it's 42, 43, Another Sunday night wasted, I thought to myself, before leaning over and clicking off the light.

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However, the time when the SourceFedNerd reached its milestone of 1 million subscribers, Maude celebrated it and also, shared a kiss with Sam Bashor. But I didn't say anything.

It had started out as curiosity; I had a crush on Maude from the first day she started working at Sourcefed and after seeing the hashtags and the ship names I got curious, I googled it to see what the viewers were saying and spreading. On set today, Sam was shooting me down with every rejection possible.

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His hair was slightly less messy than usual, and his beard had been trimmed down. First you chew through my cords, and now you ruin the moment. Was it a real life adult kiss? However, Maude has not revealed anything about plans on getting married neither has talked about having a boyfriend, but despite all of that secrecy, Maude is pretty close to her friend Sam Bashor, so close that the friendship became suspicious.

I steeled myself for the upcoming occasion and sucked it up. The video went pretty smoothly - it took about 45 minutes to film considering we had minimum slip ups which would usually make for a 20 minute video.

Not breathtaking, or a model, but he was good looking, like the nerd who shone just before high school prom. Goddammit he was cute. Calming down a bit, he turned and faced me.

Even if he was I was hoping it was just a joke, but some things he came out with were so quick witted I started to think they were true. She struggled and we started wrestling with each other.

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I managed to convince the Flash himself to come over and shoot our video in my apartment. The day flew by real quick, and before I knew it all the writing had been finished and the filming was over.

It was too late to stop it, as I saw Sam walk back with furrowed brows and with an inquisitive tone he asked: The Australian radio and TV personality is yet to have a wedding for herself but as she is now 30 years old, the day when she walks down the aisle for her husband is not so far.

She had an incredible memory to know this entire script; she'd been rattling it off without breaking a sweat. Maude is just really cute when she gets flustered.


I may have gotten over this by crying into Zelda for a solid 14 minutes; but she's a dog and she'll have to take this secret to the grave. I finally calmed down with all the hand gestures and hitting things when I gripped the steering wheel and looked through the passenger window and saw Sam staring at me with a confused expression, as he mouthed the words 'You okay?

There had been times before where I felt like shit due to his nonchalant attitude. Well first, I dislike confrontation, and wouldn't want to argue with a co-worker, much less Maude.

After about a half hour of scrolling through news sources, Reddit and Twitter I had compiled enough information in order to write my script, and noticed that Maude was already leaving to the writers room.

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She fell into my lap, facing me, around 3 inches away from each other's faces. I hadn't unlocked it today. Overall, I was pretty darn swell. The barking was loud enough to startle Sam, and the combination of our awkward positioning and weight led to us both simultaneously falling off the side of the bed, thankfully unscathed.

I noticed him looking at my lips, and I could already tell was he was thinking. We wrapped up the shoot, and began packing up. Sam I waited until the door shut behind me, and pumped my fist into the air when no one was looking.

I knocked and waited. I began to lean in, when we were rudely interrupted by the worst dog ever. I turned up to her complex and got buzzed in. I had read that fanfic for the hundredth time, and it was surprisingly difficult to find new ones - and it's not like I could tweet out asking people to send me their Smaude fanfiction.

However, still, the hope remains that Maude will let the media know when she gets married and talk her wedding details. I pulled off some moves I'd seen in the Flash, and she kicked my ass. I did my usual pat down of pockets albeit slightly changed - it's dungaree day and that means awkward pocket positionschucked my ForHumanPeoples rucksack in the passenger seat and started the engine of my car.

Hanging out with Maude alone slightly intimidated me - we bounce off each other on camera, but what if without the other hosts I'm utterly boring?

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Sam has tidied himself up while I was still in hysterics, clutching my stomach as it began to ache. Slightly sceptical about the truth of his word, I made him pinky swear before I let him go, gave him a kiss on the cheek, the second ever and sent him on his way.

When I first started working at 'Nerd I found Sam a little brash, quiet, annoying, difficult, nervous, funny, cute