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With Dodgers being zapped by Achoo, he remembers his father and suddenly returns back to reality, only to see Cadet giving electric shock to wake him up.

Admirable Animation # "Samurai Quack" [Duck Dodgers]

Averted in "Deconstructing Dodgers", where incidents from previous episodes are clearly alluded to, but the events shown are actually "outtakes" from the mentioned episodes The two leave, with the camera focusing on a Happy Cat-looking defibrillator that starts laughing maniacally and the episode ends.

Several season 3 characters make a come back for the finale: The episode "Where's Baby Smartypants?

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Dodgers throws a fit, stomping on the heap of metal that saved his life! Even Star Johnson is freaked out.

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Unfortunately, Cartoon Network has seen fit to remove one of the two Sunday evening showings of the exemplary "Toon Heads" to inflict a rerun of this turkey.

Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese were geniuses. I didn't know you could shoot laser beams from your eyes. Like the episode "The six wazillion dollar duck" with some nutty doctor who can't go without saying something totally hilarious every line he has!

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Though it may steal jokes and ideas from other shows it also improves them! Dodgers meets up with Achoo in a form similar to Aku and they begin fighting, Samurai Jack style.

Hi says he can rebuild him. Throw in an army of disposable robots to do Marvin's work for him, way more sexual innuendo than the original Warner Bros. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: He wisely decided to run away.

Samurai Quack

Just a few at first, but more as the show progressed. Let me tell you of a consort's throne left vacant, a bridal chamber left barren, and a reception hall left filled with them big shrimp.

When Cadet is betrayed by Dodgers and sent to prison for life, he snapped. It ends after a half hour.


And in the latter case, he gets into his role a bit too much. A black-skinned and white-haired alien who walks around in nothing but a golden halter top and an almost see-through long skirt. However, when multiple Martian commanders of the 'tall' type are seen, they do all, in fact, look alike.

A variant for Riders in the Sky, who appear in the show as In the episode "The Fudd", a news anchor reporting on the Fudd apocalypse is transformed mid-sentence. Or at least l-l-located?

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Martian Commander Played by Marvin the Martian [ edit ] Exploding rocket fuel makes such a lovely fireball. Give it a watch, you might find it brings back memories of the old WB cartoons, with a new style comic twist!

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All female resistance soon dissolve A debonair duck beyond all temptation Ensuring the universe still revolves. How many lives must that accursed film claim?

Duck Dodgers S02E11 Surf the Stars/Samurai Quack

While Dodgers does care about the Cadet, he doesn't treat him well for the most part. Don't look at me, the Martian gets one solo cartoon per season. Duck Dodgers provides examples of the following tropes: Easy come, easy go. Implied with X-2 in a couple of episodes, bizarrely.

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Revisited much later, when it's the Eager Young Space Cadet on trial. In Marvin's second solo cartoon, Dodgers explained Marvin was entitled to one per season. Including this gem from "Invictus Interruptus": Dodgers then sabatoges the Cadet's cooking by eating everything he had already made.

Ah, another delusional fan trying to emulate the famous trench scene. Duck Dodgers also had several cameos by established Looney Tunes stars with appropriate science-fiction trappings Wile E. See Full Comment Duck Dogers isn't the stink people make it out to be.